Tone Tone’s friends continue. They are discussing Bodh Gaya.

Friend: Let’s go see what our  pilgrims saw – with scholarly narrations in Burmese!

Friend: Let’s go!

YouTube – Bodh Gaya 1

May 19, 2007 — Bodh Gaya (in Myanmar Language)

YouTube – Bodh Gaya 2

YouTube – Bodh Gaya 3

YouTube – Bodh Gaya 4

YouTube – Bodh Gaya 5

YouTube – Bodh Gaya 6


Friend: Wait! There is one Burmese video on Bodh Gaya in English! Link in below:

YouTube – The Four Greatest Places Of The Buddha, part 2

March 08, 2007 — Budhgaya – the place of renunciation and attainment of enlightenment of the Buddha


Friend: Note the caption: “One of the four greatest places of the Buddha.” Did you hear what video lady host said?

The seat where Buddha attained enlightenment is not concurable by ANYONE… .

“This is a presentation of  Bodh Gaya, the HIGHLY REVERED PLACE where Buddha attained enlightenment.”


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