Now in Myanmar/Yangon, so many foreign firms and local high-bossed companies are searching for nice location in downtown area.  And, they prefer to rent at “Sakura Tower” as nice office location in Yangon.

We should let them know this news as an information, which should be aware.

Sakura Tower always ask deposit money from companies in US Dollar ( New USD 100 Clean Notes only ) by Management and Accounts Department.

When the lease contract is due and no more to continue, deposited cash US Dollar clean notes are to be returned to companies.
At that time, “Sakura Tower” return very old shabby notes to companies, and say “This is what we received from you. We packed this money as it is in paper and kept it. So, this is your money, not ours”.

Sakura Management is cheating to companies shamelessly to get new USD  bank note from tanents.

This kind of cheating should not be acted by “Sakura Tower” since it is under Japan Management.

Some of the companies say nothing to avoid argue with them, but they feel so bad for their shameless talking and behavior. They curse her.

This news should be known by everybody.

When  you will go inside with smiles and come out with pulled face when you move from Sakura Bullshit Tower.

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