This topic on the four statues for repentance, depicting events in Buddha’s life, appeared on the Click2Myanmar and Mandalaygazette previous websites. They also had a large number of hits. The postings are presented below:

(U Ayethaka later withdrew his flyer and changed the title to “E”).

Essentially, people are asking why the monk was sending out flyers inviting donations again for these same statues, when the donations for them had been received in full already.


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Re: Statues of Than-way-za-ni-ya 4 Htarna at Azusa Monastery

I’m so happy to see all the Buddha statues are here in Azusa Temple.

What I don’t understand is:
Normally, the donations are collected first and bring the Buddha statues later after the needed expenses are collected to have fully covered for the cost, shipping and bringing the statues in. It seems like some one already paid and donated for these statues to be here in Azusa Temple. If it is already donated by someone, it should not be ask for donation again for the same Buddha statues. It should say who and who are donated already for the Buddha statues. The temple is really appreciated for this donation and we still need some more donors for cement work and some others expenses to complete the work. It needs to say it clearly and honestly what it is for. So, we know what we are donating for.

I really would like to know how the Buddha statues got here and who bought and donated these or the board paid all these in advance to be here for us to see, participate and give donations to become the original donors of these Buddha statues. If the board is doing these in advance for us and for the community to be the original donors of these Buddha statues, we really appreciate all their thoughtfulness and hard work they did for us and for the community.

P.S – In the past, it has happened similar situation and the temple got some bad news about it and I don’t want the bad image comes back again for the temple.


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Re: Statues of Than-way-za-ni-ya 4 Htarna at Azusa Monastery
Hi dmoran555,
Why don’t you go to Azusa Temple and ask the Sayardaw if you really want to know? They are not going to post it here for your answer.


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Re: Statues of Than-way-za-ni-ya 4 Htarna at Azusa Monastery
Thanks for the info. You seem to know that “THEY” (Azusa Temple’s Board directors) are not going to post the requested reply on Click2Myanmar. How do you know that? Are you one of the directors? Or, are you a middleman or a go-between?

If you are just a go-between, thanks for the taking the trouble to find it out and to let other people know. You do not like donors or C2M readers being held in suspense for quite some time. We share the same feeling! What a let down!!! Awful!!!

If you are one of the directors, we thank you also for waking up to your duties and taking responsibilities. You now realize that you have a duty to the Donors, the Community, and C2M readers. Even though it’s late, this is a good sign, a start. At least, one responsible director has now responded.

Though you have responded either as a go-between or as a director; if we think carefully, the info itself is NOT REALLY MUCH OF A MESSAGE at all. It conveys no SUBSTANCE. A “Thingyan Ah Myauk” (cannon)! Just sound & fury. It still ignores the questions raised. It’s only saying that “They” won’t post the answer on C2M.” It just says “Go here, go there”. The only consolation is that you are kind and responsible enough to say, in effect “Don’t wait for an answer here on C2M.” C2M readers will all get gray hairs waiting!!!

The posting says “Go to the temple and ask the Sayadaw if you really want to know”. Somebody is side stepping the questions. He is just giving others the “run around”. It’s just another step out of many in a “road map” (obstacle) similar to Gen Than Shwe’s long road map to democracy. How clever!!!

Come to think of it, I have read other Azusa Temple postings. It seems like genius “Thambyang” is again behind this hare-brained & devious “Go to the Temple and ask the Sayardaw” game. In fact, I have read Thambyang’s C2M posting using this term “road map” in his rambling lecture on “Thugs” in Buddhism, whatever that is.

It sounds more like he borrowed these “smart” delaying tactics from Sayagyi Than Shwe. Probably, he got this practice of “Thuggery” as a bonus as well from his Burma trip.

Honestly, we’ve never heard of “Thugs” in Buddhism before. We sounded rather stupid. Probably, Thambyang is Than Shwe’s twin brother eager to bring Thuggery to Buddhism and ordering others to get out of his “Buddhism”. What a shame and a disgrace to Buddhism, especially if he is a director over in Azusa!

Now, I am really worried. Would he move the Azusa Temple to Naypyidaw!!! In a jungle atmosphere, he might want to freely practice his own brand of Buddhism combined with pure Thuggery meditation. Notice that he was already fighting with words like “Temple” and “Monastery”, though world renowned authors & scholars’ of internet Buddhist texts disagreed with him entirely.

But I digress. The high and mighty sounding “Go to the Temple and ask the Sayardaw” turns out to be just a “paper tiger” after all. It’s just a delaying gimmick and a refusal to be upfront with the facts. It’s just a refusal to act responsibly and honestly with the Donors and the Community. Why post on C2M and then refuse to answer C2M questions on C2M? I don’t understand, do you?

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