Life was the jobless. ( 10-June-2009 to 13-Aug-2009)

Life became a batch plant operator. ( 14-Aug-2009 up to now )

Life was strange.

Life was  Yangon Airport to Changi Airport. ( 13-Sep-12 )

Life was in Hotel Supreme. ( 15 Kramat Road , Singapore 228750 )

Life was Changi Airport to Dubai Airport to…to… . ( 17-Sep-12  up to now)

Life is ” Homesick ” .

Life is alone. ( no more Myanmar surroundings area )

Life is phone.

Life is bomb. ( sometimes too much tension. So shouting with angry)

Life is clone .

Life is far from home.


I would like to apologize all . Actually I would like to write Myanmar words. But I do not understand how to type.






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