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Posted on: 2007/8/9 8:38

Photos of Azusa Kyaung Nibban Zay
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Please click this link to all photos of Azusa Kyaung “NIBBAN ZAY” (July 8, 2007)
a uayethaka
Posted on: 2007/8/20 7:28

Re: Photos of Azusa Kyaung Nibban Zay
Please click this link to article of Nibban Zay (Ko Thet)


Posted on: 2007/9/10 19:18

We most happy we see Nebaan Zay photos. We work hard cook food fresh. We slept late. No good sleep got up early. We very pleased see photos.

In new country, we real busy. We work hard for survive. But we helped. We believe monk say we get merits and go to Nebaan for sure. Monk mention profit really really for monastery building. Monk say again and again for help. We AH NAAR for monk.

We now really worried. Why board still no deliver Nebaan Zay Shin Tham paper? Now is 2 months long time. Something much wrong??


  • Myittha

    June 25, 2010 at 2:44 am

    Posted on: 2007/9/12 9:45

    We 100% agree. We most worried. Food Fair finished long long ago. Many talk talk outside.

    Different talks say different collections. $ 30,000, 27,000, 22,000. Which talk true? One talk say, much $ 7,000 give away Nawa Kama for monks. True or not? Another talk say money gone for buy 2 first class 2 way air tickets. Each one much $ 4000. True or not?

    What you LU GYI doing? Why Board LU GYI no issue simple money in money out Ngwe Shin paper? Now is 2 months over? When you lu gyi issue paper? We no work hard for give away money to nobody. We no wanna throw away money like your rich man’s sons. We no work hard for your pay first class air tickets. We poor family we pay regular tickets. Why you go pay first class?

    Do like that, we NO HELP for future. Board NO RESPECT our feelings. No R NAR No LAY SAR our CETANA hard work. Board long long time no action issue paper for us. Board no wanna do good honorable work.

    Board suppose work hard for we MYANMAR LUDU COMMUNTY. No work hard for ludu commty, no respect for ludu lok R pay, no time for ludu R hlu shin. Why wannabe great R Kyo Sound R Mu Sound LU GYI?


    Posted on: 2007/9/13 18:22

    I think Nibban Zay shin tern statement should be mailed out to all supporters and donors to get the better image for Azusa Temple and to clear all the suspicious that will come up in the future. A few people already knew what are the Nibban Zay’s total and expenses. Hopefully, what they knew match with the statement.

  • Myittha

    June 25, 2010 at 2:45 am

    Posted on: 2007/9/22 20:10

    My children told to me ALL. Nebban Zaay Shin Tharn no out yet.Two and 1/2 months gone. Already Dawgyansen plus others many asked Shin tharn. Still NO COME OUT. No idea when will come out. Board no answer her questions. Board keep quiet again for many days.

    NOW many believe Dawgyansen heard ALL TRUE TRUE. Board give away $ 7,000 to monks. Why??? Board spend 2 first class plane tickets each $ 4000. Too much!!!

    Dama Hall & parking all finished long time. Loans all paid off long ago. Already ludu comunty worked hard finished MANY MUCH Azusa Nebban Zaays. Board should satisfied HAPPY. Board should no greed Lawba gyi. Also, ludu community work hard MANY OTHER monestarys’ Nebban Zaays mo lo pauk everywhere L A. Give ludu lok arr pay a break!!! Monk give many excuses reasons make comunty work hard. Then no show what happened to money. Why? BARE KAUNG MA LARE No Nice. Chairman avoid responsible.

    Board chairman & Board no responsible why bother ludu lok arr pay helpers all many times? People work here. No easy time. Work very hard. NO ahsee yin khansa report paper NO ask people work hard next time.

    Need much much more help REALLY POOR STARVING Myanmar people monks relatives IN MYANMAR. But NO RESPONSIBLE, BETTER OFF Board chairman and LAZY lugyi myar no need help NO MORE IN FUTURE. Now it’s bad ah chay ah nay position. Say all sorts of ah kyaung pya excuses with no real meanings & no real needs. No care No think of comunty ludu lok ahh shin. Talk like rich man’s sons. Demand everything never care never feel responsible to ludu dayarkars comunty.

    No report is mean make comunty dayarkars no believe no trust Chairman and Board. Last time fake reasons no cost details for April flyers by Chairman and Board. Again this time no Nebban Zaay shin tharn report. All make people think Board lugyi myar all may SHARE Nebban Zaay moneys same like Nawakama. If true, shameful to yourselves. Maybe some innocent board lugyis there. They need force Chairman, Board Secretary or Treasurer send out shin tharn sheet and pay back money. If not, people think innocent lugyis also cover up. If something wrong, innocent lugyis also become responsible and need pay back money.

    I give good advice. Send out Nebban Zaay shin tharn sar ywat paper quickly. Want get back ludu communty yon kyi beliefs Board need send each pwe shin tharn on each next month flyer.

  • Myittha

    June 25, 2010 at 2:47 am

    Posted on: 2007/9/23 16:06

    PBA has not responded to Shwemeat & Dawgyansen’s Food Fair concerns. More than ample time has gone by. PBA’s PROLONGED SILENCE clearly amounts to ACCEPTANCE of the accusations. What an ordinary person would do, PBA has not done so. An ordinary upright person would have replied long ago. This inaction is highly irresponsible and even haughty and foolish.

    Such inaction invites conjectures: Maybe, some board members still think that they are there to just serve the monk and not the community. Maybe, some still think that the monk is the true owner. Do whatever he says. Maybe, some may still think they don’t owe a duty to the community at all.

    The REALITY is: This worship place and monastery are ALL PUBLICLY OWNED. Current board members MUST SERVE the COMMUNITY and the COUNTRY they live in ABOVE ALL THE OTHERS. They MUST point out errors and MUST rectify them or otherwise, they would be themselves charged as being grossly NEGLIGENT. They must take good care of public funds. They cannot give away public moneys to any board MEMBER or CONNECTED PERSONS including monks. They have no such authority to give away public property (MISUSE). The moneys do not belong to them or the monks. They belong to the community. These tenets are ENSHRINED in California Non Profit Religious Corporation laws and in ALL charitable & religious entities’ bylaws. I am sure all the directors have read the association’s bylaws. IGNORANCE OF LAW IS NO DEFENSE.

    Not responding to community concerns within a reasonable time, as in above, will open current board members to breach of trust and gross negligence. Cover up of funds’ misuse (if any) will be a malfeasance or a felony. Malpractice insurance will not cover these acts. The directors will be on their own. They are responsible for their acts, including ACTS OF OMISSION (for not doing what should be done). In such cases, to avoid being held liable, directors should prevail on the erring monk or other directors, if that is the case, of their mistakes; register their oppositions in WRITTEN meeting minutes, or resign from such hopeless situations. Otherwise, they will be made SCAPEGOATS for others to benefit. Any mishandling of funds can cause PBA to lose its IRS permit and be back taxed as well.

    Other C2M postings indicate Nibban Zay Food Fair Vendors were persuaded to help with various NOBLE promises. It’s to generate funds for Temple use. Funds diversion to monks and buying extravagant 1st class airfares, if any, would be serious BREACHES OF PROMISES and BREACHES OF TRUST. Vendors were not told UPFRONT about the $ 7000 Nawakama etc. (if any). Buddha’s VINAYAS and PRECEPTS do not allow for such untruths or breaches should they be the case.

    Suggestions: IF there is ANY mishandling of funds, PLEASE pay them back. In any case, please issue the Nibban Zay food fair income statement and use of funds immediately.

  • Myittha

    June 25, 2010 at 2:48 am

    Posted on: 2007/10/19 0:32

    Azusa Temple’s flyers now lots & lots. Flyers asking donations this and donations that. Funny! Monk wrote ah hlu khan donation many letters. He put to ClickMyanmar.

    But, monk unable send simple Nebaan Zay moneys in and out paper. Or say not true somebody took away Nebaan Zay moneys?

    We surprised. We angry. Not good responsible Lu gyi myar. Just get donation Money! Money! Money! The rest no care no reply no shin tham to Nebaan Zay donors or ClickMyanmar people.

    In WeNee monks’ law, Buddha said monks no handling money. We know why. We no trust no more.

  • Myittha

    June 25, 2010 at 3:52 am

    Posted on: 2007/10/20 11:55

    Thank you Phopyoncho. You talk about about statues and Nebban Zay. We good laugh a lot. But we wanna know what happened Nebban Zay $ 7,000? Was really give Nawakama to monks? It good large money. We hard worked get this money. No easy.

    How about next $ 8,000? Two first class air tickets? Really both huge moneys. Total $ 15,000.

    First, MONK SAID get moneys for Temple building. Beginning, NO SAID for Nawakama. Before, NO SAID for two $ 4,000 first class tickets. Now why make up NEW stories? TRUE? Please, please Money report. 3 months over already. Very long time.

    No shin taam report mean ALL VERY TRUE. Mean also you NO respect ludu commty DONT’T CARE Nebban Zay helpers. Do like this, we NO HELP next time.

    We MUCH MUCH BETTER help REALLY REALLY poor Myanmar Dok kha thare monks and people in MYANMAR.


    Posted on: 2007/10/20 18:57

    Why don’t we stop doing Azusa nibban zay?
    If you want to support, you can help others those kyaungs are poorer than Azusa. Don’t worry about Azusa anymore. I won’t go anymore Azusa Kyaung or it’s nibban zay. 

    Let’s do it different. 


  • yannaingech

    June 25, 2010 at 5:13 am

    ဆရာတော်ဘုရားတို့၊ ဒကာကြီးတို့ ၊ ဒကာမကြီးတို့…စိတ်လျှော့၊ စိတ်လျှော့။ ဘေးမှာက ပရိသတ်တွေအများကြီး။ သည်းခံ..သည်းခံ..ခန္တီစ…

  • Myittha

    June 25, 2010 at 7:07 am

    Old postings continued below:

    Posted on: 2007/10/20 19:36

    Heard lots people. Most said Monk & Board ALWAYS asking HELPS and MONEYS.

    But Monk & Board WON’T answer simple questions. They NO give out money in & out report paper? No paper will mean hiding something. No paper will mean no trust no belief to him and Board.

    If no reply then LOOKS VERY MUCH LIKE no honesty no truth already. If no good cetana with ludu community. If No honesty No truth in prayers festivals. Then ALL mean very BAD KARMA.

    So DA KARS DONORS & MONKS PRAYERS SURELY GET LESS POWER. Kuthos also get LESS GOOD ones. Less Good Karma. Why? Dishonest & greed in saying prayers. Only Money mixed with prayers. Bad feeling no true cetana in donors’ prayers and donations.

    Should give answer what happened money. Then people get good feeling good cetana good KARMA again.

    Suppose you make stupid mistakes with money. Just pay all back. Send out report paper. Don’t make mistakes again. EASY to clear this mess.


    Posted on: 2007/10/23 19:48

    Anyone knows that Azusa Kyaung’s Monks & Board doing something for FREE BURMA? Please update.
    If not, we don’t go and donate these Monks & Board , that’s all we can measure that Azusa Kyaung doing for the Burmese or not.,

  • Myittha

    June 25, 2010 at 11:03 pm

    Posted on: 2007/11/1 19:09

    I like the way the new organization “International Burmese Monks’ Organization, Inc.” has been formed. It is SOUND spiritually and is also PROPERLY STRUCTURED as a world class organization. It has the Nayarka (Presiding) Sayadaw (monk), the Chairperson, and Secretaries. Also, noteworthy are the Sub committees for INFO, FINANCE, & AUDIT.

    These sub committees, particularly the ones on FINANCE & AUDIT indicate the farsightedness of the Sayadaws. That means the leading monks are fully aware that they are ACCOUNTABLE to the Myanmar monks and lay public for whom they represent.

    These committees also mean that they understand the need to maintain the TRUST AND CONFIDENCE of the lay people from whom they will receive long term support including contributions. They know that they have to be RESPONSIVE to the public and be beyond reproach or doubt.

    I hope the Azusa people can learn from these wise and learned monks and try to respond to Nibban Zay Food Fair people’s concerns.

  • Myittha

    June 25, 2010 at 11:09 pm


    I like Myittha saying proper structure. He also say about Audit committee. I like that. True respectful Sayadaws very wise and learned. They no feel upset. They know why. Very good!!!

    After Pathana Azusa monks get lots of money.

    About Nebban Zey moneys

    If Nawa kama money taken like $ 7000. If money spent too much like first class air fares $ 4000 each. Should give it back. You got moneys now. No need to take from Nebban Zay money. This only for Temple building money.

  • Myittha

    June 25, 2010 at 11:10 pm

    Posted on: 2007/11/17 22:01

    Azusa Lu gyis sent out Ka htein donors’ names. Two long pages.

    But sad sad sad!!! No reply our questions yet. Already over 4 months.

    Questions simple. What happened $ 7,000 Nebban Zay moneys? Gone to NawaKama for monk? Gone to 2 first class $ 4,000 air tickets? Or just deliver out Nebban Zay Ngwe Shin paper.

    No say anything means BAD POSITION. BAD SHAPE FOR TEMPLE.

    Find out Penang Sayadaw talk to Burma Today. See Click2Myanmar Inside Thar Ta Na Oat Shao item.

    Penang Sayadaw says Singapore C I D police came check Singapore Temple. A bad person in Temple. He ate money. He gave back moneys. Other Lu gyis make up pay $ 10000. Also get bad name.

    Many Good Singapore lesson here. Ludu Commty money no belong to Board. No belong to Lu gyi.

    Second good lesson. Innocent Singapore Lu gyi myar want no trouble. Also pay back.

    Third good lesson. No good cover up for bad people. Why cover up for bad people?

    Follow NOBLE Penang Sayadaw’s teachings. Much valuable experience.

  • Myittha

    June 25, 2010 at 11:12 pm

    Posted on: 2007/11/19 22:22

    Dawgyansen, I like it.






    These TRUE! TRUE! MOST TRUE!! Look again your BYLAWS.

    Azusa people must follow Se Kaan. Simple. Easy rule. Good for Temple. Good for Ludu dayarkars.

    SE KAAN here:

    Nebban Zey moneys BELONG Myanmar ludu commty. NO BELONG Board. NO BELONG monk. Board NO AUTHORITY give THAT moneys to monk.

    NO to friends. NO to director. NO to connection people. Ludu money Board use WISELY only. Ludu money NO WASTE GRAND air tickets.

  • Myittha

    June 25, 2010 at 11:13 pm

    Posted on: 2007/11/20 11:00

    Thank you DawGyanSen to bring this up.

    Yes, Singapore Temple bad person paid much moneys back. Yes, ALL innocent Singapore lugyis pay back big sums $ 10,000 too. (I say lugyis NO CHOICE. If cover up, More More trouble for lugyis).


    Yes, if NOBODY SAY anything, he KEEP DOING. Yes, I say bad person sure give lots of excuses cover ups before caught.

    Bad for Singapore Temple. Bad for dayarkar ludu. Bad for Thar Ta Nar religion. Bad for good monks. Bad for lugyis. Bad for HEAD monk TOO.




    Save lots of trouble. SAVE FACE FOR EVERYBODY. No want like Singapore problem. No bad name for MYANMAR LUDU community. No bad name for good lugyis.

    No cover up, please, please.

  • Myittha

    June 25, 2010 at 11:15 pm

    Posted on: 2008/1/10 10:50

    I listen Burmese classic interview. I Listen many times. Azusa monk say Nebban Zay the best.

    He say total 9 Nebban Zay. Then he say they biggest reason for making Azusa Hall. First, I most happy. Later, I think again. He wrong. He say wrong things. He say whatever. He no check first.

    Where he wrong? Listen again. He tell lady total 9 Zay. Then tell lady all Zay they make money for building. Found mistake? Not yet?

    Hall finished 2006 first. Number 9 Zay in 2007 one year later. He wrong to mix 9 Zay in total. He let people think 9 Zay in there. That mean only 8 Zay to make money for Hall. Not 9 Zay. Important. I show why.

    He say building cost 500,000. He wrong again.

    Each Zay give about 25000. 8 Zay give about 200000. If correct, then building cost about 200000 or 230000, not 500000. Why he say Hall cost 500000? Very wrong. Big gap. Not small gap. Even I no take away 8 years big Zay expenses. Even no take out 8 years temple big expenses.

    Try other way. If building he say for sure true 500000, then he still wrong. True, Nebban Zay 200000 is good money. But, can’t say it BIGGEST reason for Hall 500000. Gap too big. He hide other big reasons. He no want give credit big donors. VERY BAD! He omit truth. He got grudges. He break Wee Nee to do grudges. Wee Nee no allow grudges, or mean or spiteful or deceit. SAD!!

    Monk do Dhamma talk. But monk no good counting 1,2,3. All counting wrong. Don’t do counting 1,2,3 for ludu. All confuse ludu. He break another Wee Nee for confuse to ludu. Hurt good da kar feelings. Another Wee Nee broken. Most shameful!!

    One more. Almost forgot. For 9th Zay money, I heard big moneys $ 7000 gone for Nawa Kama. I heard big money gone for 2 first class air tickets. Two tickets each $ 4000 total 8000. Together maybe 15000. Big Sum. Any other Zay money gone somewhere? If true, how come he say all Zay moneys go for Hall. No way!!
    How about shinn tarn paper for 9th Nebban Zay? Why he can say to interview in detail and he can give no for shinn tarn Zay report?

    Another one. He say Nebban Zay good for Temple. Why he no give some credit to good hard working leaders like Ko Henry and Ma Noelene Kao? 8 years hard work with many many families and relatives.

    Lessons for us: Be careful when talk public. Next time double check first. No need break many Wee Nee. No need hurt da kar feelings. Da Kars good solid people.

    Follow other good best monks. They wise, careful, best thinking, and they no confuse ludu. They noble monks give best lessons for everybody. Avoid mistakes.

    If keep on cover up and upset. Then we no learn. we no correction. Then we always mistakes whole life. No good for Myanmar ludu da kars.

  • Myittha

    June 25, 2010 at 11:21 pm

    Posted on: 2008/5/23 13:42

    TadinHtauk’s posting in Mandalay Gazette:

    In November 2007, on Click2Myanmar, Dawgyansen, Phwasein and Shwemeat asked for a simple money report from Azusa Temple Board. It’s about the Nibban Ze food fair nearly 11 months ago, almost a year now. (old)

    They said that there were rumors about diverting $ 7,000 as Nawa Kama (monks’ money). The lead monk had allegedly assured people that Nibban Ze’s moneys were for Temple usage (not Nawa Kama). Then moneys were allegedly diverted later to Nawa Kama. (Always, the monks had their own separate Nawa Kama already).

    Then there was the alleged extravaganza in buying first class round trip tickets at about $ $ 4,000 a piece for 2 coming to $ 8,000. The alleged grand total was $ 15,000.

    How come the Azusa lead monk and Board cannot even distribute a money report, or deny the rumors, up to now?

    How was the alleged Nibban Ze’s $ 22,000 to $ 27,000 used? Why not let the community know first, instead of asking for some more for this and that wall etc?

    Why were the financial statements not yet distributed? No report whatsoever means no credibility like the Burmese generals. “Give aid supplies and moneys but don’t look and don’t ask”

    Nov 07 Click2Myanmar EXTRACTS:

    But sad sad sad!!! No reply our questions yet. Already over 4 months.Questions simple. What happened $ 7,000 Nebban Zay moneys? Gone to NawaKama for monk? Gone to 2 first class $ 4,000 air tickets? Or just deliver out Nebban Zay Ngwe Shin paper….

    Penang Sayadaw says Singapore C I D police came check Singapore Temple. A bad person in Temple. He ate money. He gave back moneys. Other Lu gyis make up pay $ 10000. Also get bad name.Many Good Singapore lesson here. Ludu Commty money no belong to Board. No belong to Lu gyi……





    SE KAAN here:
    Nebban Zey moneys BELONG Myanmar ludu commty. NO BELONG Board. NO BELONG monk. Board NO AUTHORITY give THAT moneys to monk.

    NO to friends. NO to director. NO to connection people. Ludu money Board use WISELY only. Ludu money NO WASTE GRAND air tickets…..

  • Myittha

    June 26, 2010 at 10:56 pm

    Posted on: 2008/5/24 12:01

    No Nibban Zay report and many rumors not denied for about a year!

    No annual income statements and balance sheets!


    Remember these people jumping on the ex accountant . I heard that he handed over 8 years’ worth of books and detailed documents in a few months. I heard it’s about 20 boxes of them. They were on him as “unprofessional” and were issuing various threats.

    How come?

    No simple Food fair statement even after nearly 11 months? Must be hiding something?

    I heard they had an outside accountant do the books and yet now nearly 5 months, still no financial reports. What’s going on?

  • Myittha

    June 26, 2010 at 10:56 pm

    Posted on: 2008/10/22 22:12

    I see # 8 Pa Htaan pwe posting. U Ayethaka give LONG LONGER list. It got lotta lotta names. He write lotta moneys he got.

    How about Nebaan Zay donor names? Why he no do same HONOR list? Why he no do Nebaan Zay moneys he got? He forgot Zay people already. Get up early. Hard work but No Good name. No treat like Pa Htaan pwe people?

    He don’t care. Very unfair No feeling. No respect to Zay people! Look like monk KAUKSWE SAAR! He not follow Fair lu gyi wut.

    Why he no do Nebaan Zay money report? What happened Zay moneys? He brag to Burmese Classic. He say Zay money BIGGEST for doing Temple work?

    I say Zay money Bigger than Pa Htaan Pwe money. BUT BUT BUT No Good name for Bigger money come in. What happened to bigger Zay moneys?

    Big $ 7000 gone to Nawa Kama or “Ngar Wa” Kama??? Big money gone to $ 4000 air tickets, how many???

    So many requests. So many times. So many months. Over 15 months already. Forever and ever, no answer. That means somebody possible ATE lotta money? Somebody likely WASTE lotta money? Very unfair? Very Ugly?

    If Lies and Hide. If no answer many times. Mean break so many Wee Nee so many times.

  • Myittha

    June 26, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    See Dawgyansen 11-17-07 old posting follow:

    Penang Sayadaw says Singapore C I D police came check Singapore Temple. A bad person in Temple. He ate money. He gave back moneys. Other Lu gyis make up pay $ 10000. Also get bad name.

  • Myittha

    June 27, 2010 at 2:20 am

    Posted on: 2008/10/23 10:10

    ThanGyat put Baltimore Bamar Temple news. See Vinaya topic. Two BAMAR DAKAR say in Court paper AGAINST MONK. It says monk U Kissayana got no right. Can’t spend ah hlu money other purposes. Must spend specific purpose. No switch purpose. Do original purpose only. See below:

    ….The plaintiffs claim they contributed much of the building fund, and “fear that if the substantial funds of the Society … in the building fund are not protected and safeguarded for their intended purpose, Defendants … may invade those fund which were donated for a SPECIFIC purpose and spend them on OTHER purposes.”…

    We much agree. We feel same. Nebban Zey moneys for construction only. U Ayethaka mentioned original purpose. Original purpose only construction. He say need construction a lot.

    Later, he can’t throw away to Nawa Kama $ 7000? Monks got separate much much Nawa Kama already. All the time got separate Nawa Kama. Then take much $ 7000 again from construction purpose?? Not right. BIG BIG LAW BA!

    Also, he can’t change construction purpose to air tickets purpose. Bought 2 or more $ 4000 air tickets? BIG WASTE Zay people cetana. BIG WASTE construction money.

    If change purposes. If spend other purposes, U Ayethaka broke Wee Nee of Lying. If Lying true, then who respect LYING monk?

    BEST WAY. If take money away, put it back to Temple. Don’t do mistake next time. If no take away money, issue money shinn tharn.

    He write extra long on Click2Myanmar. But Shinn tharn much much shorter. Easy for him if he no hiding mistakes.


  • Myittha

    June 27, 2010 at 2:22 am

    Posted on: 2009/1/1 15:39

    In link below, U Ayethaka seems to say that monks like him are nobler than lay persons.

    Dec 26 & 27 2008 – Azusa Temple
    Sayadaw U Awthada’s birthday

    Generally speaking, monks are certainly nobler than lay persons. However, there is a catch. They are considered nobler if they strictly observe the Vinaya.

    In real world, there are exceptions, a few monks do break the Vinaya. For these very few monks, people do not consider them as far nobler than lay people. In fact, lay people shun these bad monks and don’t donate to them. THEY KNOW THAT THEY WILL OBTAIN LITTLE OR LESS MERIT FOR ENCOURAGING BAD MONKS TO COMMIT VINAYA OFFENCES. See the Kosambi villagers below:

    Moreover, by implication, U Ayethaka seems to say that he is also a far nobler person by virtue of his being a monk. He draws an unfavorable comparison to a lay person who has clingings or who has not fasted. He even mentions about monks being so called “thuta Buddhas,” in case people miss the point.

    People judge people by their actions, not by their words or “R loo pay” or “R moon tin” yourself. We have questions:

    When “less noble” and responsible lay persons can issue reports or respond to community concerns, why couldn’t U Ayethaka, a supposedly “nobler and more responsible” monk, do likewise? Examples:

    Why no Nibban Zay money report for over 18 months?

    Why no recognition listing for Nibban Zay people, Shwe Dagon replica donors, Than Way Zaniya statue donors, major donors? He did listings for other recent festival donors.

    Why no reply to community about Thi Ha’s possible jumping ship?

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