fattyJuly 14, 20102min360

Here I just intend for Singapore Republic Poly only. Some students are now attending at the private class to sit for the entrance of polytechnics. They have to study English, Maths, Physic, and a little for Chemistry.

To apply for entrance some rely on agents and some do by themselves. My idea is : to try by oneself in order to get self -confidence and to save the money. Actually, you need to brush up your English up to IELTS  level. Even though this level is no need for entrance, you should do it.

Some are intend to apply but they do not even try to see relevant Web. In the Web, school explain all what you should know except some data which are available only after you pass the entrance and submitting $ 500 to school. Here I would like to mention fact by fact in order to note easily. after you passed the entrance……

1> you should study presentation course here. ( if you can, they will invite you to attend this course at                                                                               Singapore, very expensive )

2> practice to speak in front of public

3> learn at least a kind of sport or international dance and how to sing

4> practice computer to be skillful : there is paperless teaching: on line teaching only.

5> try to get up early and try to go bad late (have to write essay and you have to submit it before midnight )

For the first time let me tell you only 5 items.