Hii..ukankome”, she texts me, phones me, skypes me, tweets me, googles .

I am melted in her hello. I knew one day that love would sprout.

Speaking of which, we have been named fondly since we were in mom’s womb. Some are named pretty, some are given funny and some are bizarre. Some adopt celebrity’s names and some represent animals. Some we like and some we don’t. No matter what, it is always sweet to hear our names.

My memory reflects the day I met her, the day she started calling me “ukankome”. In fact, my name was given by her, belongs to her.

On that sunny day, I was all alone roaming the Kobe City.

Outside central railway station at downtown Kobe city, the streets were crammed with pedestrians. Hundreds of bars were in line on the other side of shopping zone.

Exploring the city over hours, my thirst headed for a bar. A small bar was just big enough to accommodate a few persons. No chairs, no tables but some stools in the bar. People in different appearances were enjoying their drink.

The hot steaming night was filled with smoke, beer, whiskey, Sake and chattering noises. I was the one among Japanese and blended in. The bar was in full swing.

One pitcher of beer later, I was having a great time with this stunning lady. She was effortlessly stylish but showed off her polite Japanese nature. I must admit, I have been tipsy under her smile.

In the beginning, our conversation was as slow as mixed up with broken English, Japanese and gestures.

“your name, what”, she asked me.

Since my Burmese name “ Agga-Mahar-Super-Senior-Awesome-Silver Twig” is not smooth to tongue,

I told her, “ You Can Call Me Twig”.

To her surprise, she murmured my name and said my name is similar to Japanese.

Since then, she has been calling me “u-kan-Ko-me” in her sweet Japanese accent.

I was born again.


Hello Mandalay Gazette. Do you have a name engraved on your heart?

As it is my first post I was thinking what might draw your attention. Then, my memoir of Kobe city came into picture.

I guess there is no rule for languages to be posted. My apology! I’m not used to with typing in Burmese which got my fingers twitched to make many errors.

Your comments are highly appreciated.


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