In the global research we have found this, that,” India is one of the hottest locations for Software Outsourcing with software exports to the tune is large in 2000-11. According to a McKinsey-Nasscom study, the potential for software services exports from India will be USD 52 billion by 2009.
The following are the charts constructed using the data of Nasscom what shows India’s position with respect to the other countries and how far are other countries in the race with India to become world leader in the field of Information Technology.
During 2000-11, we have got seen 185 of the 500 companies outsourced their
Software Development requirements to India.
We find many destiny 500 companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Citibank, United Airlines, IBM, Lucas and British Aerospace beneficiaries in short period.
According to global research, coming out of China, Philippines, Russia, Brazil, and South Africa among others as developing market alternative to India’s IT intelligence has threatened India’s supremacy in this field.
China and India as an example has managed to maintain its leading position over global Software Outsourcing Development and in the manufacturing sector for many years. Currently China is creating a potential threat to India’s power in the IT services sector.
China’s and India advantages have all the resources and capabilities to develop its IT sector and services hastily. “China not only has the scientific workforce but also has been very aggressive in pursuing training programs specifically targeting their English deficiency.
The Indian premier has also been seeking countries help in software technology transfer and business cooperation in this regard. Some researchers argue that the benefit for Indian firms to tap into the huge Chinese market can only come at the cost of developing the intellectual asset of China by Indian companies.”
International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language mentions on their website that the learning of English in China now occupies the attention of millions of its people. It is believed that currently three hundred million people are actively engaged in the job of learning English. ( this new English speaking population may give china a competitive edge over India.
A report from market research firm Gartner, Inc. states that in addition to China, Philippines and Russia a number of emerging countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam and Eastern European countries like Hungary and Poland, are also starting to create a threat to India’s control in business process software development outsourcing (BPO).
Unless India formulates a long-term strategy to improve its infrastructure and consistently work on growing its skilled labor force, India will face the movement of its foreign clients’ BPO to other countries.

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