Ecommerce is growing. It is certainly rising, we can see there in the global ecommerce market. As the online customer base continues to develop an ecommerce business website, so will the number of online stores available. Here I have to say, it’s progressively fierce struggle.

In order to keep up and ahead of the business competitors, it is critical that businesses are serious about their growth in the ecommerce industry; they should find the best ecommerce web solution for their companies.

Enter Magento. Called the “platform for growth”, Magento is an open-source enterprise-level content management system whose flexibility, suppleness, scalability, and strong feature to set have admired by experts Magento Developer in the ecommerce industry. It is the fastest-growing ecommerce solution in the market today; the platform is bound only to grow bigger.

Magento has functional interface, analytics and reporting capabilities, SEO-friendliness, and businesses, retailers, wholesalers, marketers, developers, and design firms have admired catalog management tools. However, what makes the ecommerce platform truly exceptional is its remarkable list of marketing promotions and tools.

All these offer endless opportunities that can help businesses, no matter the size, increase their business presence and raise their ecommerce sales.

Here is a look at six top marketing (and merchandising) features of Magento Web Development, features that have doubtlessly contributed to the growth of ecommerce today.

1. Flexible pricing: Nowadays, fixed prices just do not cut it anymore. Be persistent and customers will go elsewhere. Magneto’s flexible pricing rules permit stores to make and implement a variety of marketing promotions. Like coupons, discounts, and special sales. Bundles and discounts off large-quantity purchases. Buy this and get that free. We all know how much customers love this phrase. In addition, the word ‘coupons’, has always done wonders in motivating customers to purchase.

2. Increased Average Order Value: Magento also comes equipped with powerful tools that help maximize the order value. This way, online stores are able to take care of the most important customer touch points. Up selling in the shopping cart or cross selling on product pages are only some of the things that build on both the quantity and quality of a store’s customer relationships.

3. Social shopping: The Internet is going social, and so is ecommerce. With Magneto’s flexible merchandising engine, stores can authorize customers to make their shopping experience a more social one. The platform’s product browsing options include customer reviews, customer group-specific pricing, wish lists, E-newsletters, and, of course, the powerfully ‘word-of-Web’ Send to a Friend with Email.

4. Free shipping: One of the reasons why eCommerce Web Development has become so much in demand is that the Web has empowered customers to shop at the comforts of their computer desks at home and even mobile. There is no running around town to find a product and no cash wasted on fuel. Magento Development Company promotes these services in world of convenience and economy by letting stores select for themselves the ever-delightful Free Shipping option. There are shoppers on the go, too, who browse and buy with their smart phones and iPhone or Tablets.

5. SEO-friendliness: It is easier for businesses to build and grow a customer base if they make it easier for customers to find them. Magneto’s SEO-friendly structure and SEO tools – like URL rewrites – help stores become more noticeable on the Web – and to those search engines. Not only that, Magento can also spontaneously generate a site map for instant display online.

6. International support: We now live in a flat world. Your potential clients are not only in your neighborhood or city but also across the globe. As a fully global platform, Magento allows growth of businesses by offering multiple, multilingual, and multicurrency versions of sites to meet the needs of customers from all over the world.

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