Golden Trim, legging/women’s wear wholesale and factory outlet located in El Monte, is Mr. Xiaowu Xu and his wife Shuping Yu first small business in America.  In a recent interview, Mr. Xu said: “We are making profit, but not a lot. We really appreciate PACE Business Development Center for their support and counseling.”

The story started when Mr. Xu and his family seek asylum in America in 2009.  Life was an uphill battle but they were determined to work hard and to build their American Dreams.  Like many refugee and asylee, Mr. Xu speaks little English.  He gain experience working in the apparel industry and later decided to start his own business.  Mr. Xu came to PACE Business Development Center seeking help and support.  He received business counseling, technical assistance, and later enroll into ORR IDA program.   In September 2011, the couple was able to lease a 2000 square foot warehouse complex and the rest is history in making.

Recently, Mr. Xu informed PACE that ROSS Department Store had initiated some sample orders from him.  Mr. Xu was very excited about this potential prospect but at the same time worried about financing the contract.  Again, he came to PACE for financing help because he knows that PACE is a non-profit community development lender that serves micro and small businesses throughout Los Angeles County.   Soon, Mr. Xu put in a request for a twenty thousand dollars loan for inventories and PACE packaged the loan for him.  His latest reported monthly revenue has breached the $10,000 mark— a startup enterprise on the road to success!

PACE Business Development Center provides small business loans with low fixed interest rate, simple repayment process, and no prepayment penalty.  We also provide free one on one business/credit counseling, business plan development, licensing and permits, and many more business supports and trainings.

If you have difficulty obtaining business loans through traditional financial channels, or need start up financing;

Call Wai Ling Chin at (213) 989-3169 or email:

PACE Business Development Center, 1055 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 900B, Los Angeles, CA 90017


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