Could Music Education Be the Key to Educational Success?

The US educational system is suffering, with falling test scores and low student performance after graduation. In many districts, the solution has been to cut what are perceived as extraneous subjects and focus on the “core.” New evidence suggests that this strategy may actually be detrimental to children’s ability to learn effectively, however.

Cutting programs such as music lessons doesn’t make students better at math, science or English. In fact, it may decrease their ability to work effectively in these subjects. According to a report by the Public Broadcast System, early music education actually contributes to more effective student learning.

Children who have access to music theory education, guitar lessons and other music education opportunities seem to develop better physical coordination and a greater ability to pay attention to their work. They also have an edge when it comes to language skills. Music lessons can actually enhance early child language skills, enabling kids to pick up grammar and writing more readily, as well as increasing their ability to learn new languages.

There’s also research that suggests regular access to music education may help to boost children’s IQ. In one study, six-year-olds who received weekly voice and piano lessons experienced a boost in intelligence by about three points over the course of nine months. Children in this study who were not exposed to any arts education saw no effect, while students who were exposed to theater lessons saw no IQ increase but gained social skills.

Kids who receive music education frequently go on to appreciate it. In a series of interviews published in the online edition of the Toronto Star, a number of graduates mentioned that music coursework helped them find new careers and enjoy their schooling more. Several were unaware that music-related fields were available until they encountered the possibilities during their classes.

While arts education is often considered expendable when student performance is failing, the evidence suggests that it’s actually essential. A well-rounded education is key to boosting the ability to learn and experience the world fully.


Sophia Hammond


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