Myanmar’s Great Contribution in Finding Missing MH370


The completely bold predictive statements were made by Myanmar’s two awesome astrologers regarding the missing Malaysian Air-liner, MH 370, which vanished mysteriously last Friday.

San Zarni Bo, the most famous astrologer of Myanmar, confirmed that the plane has been no doubt kidnapped by the terrorists, and that the passengers aboard are still alive, according to the zodiac signs he sees.

On the other hand, U Zayyar, another brilliant prophet, invalidated SZNB’s theory of terrorist attack, though he, too, believes people’s lives are still safe. He re-formulated that the plane has been swallowed down by a black hole, again according to astrological equations he knows.

SZNB is a kind of Mr. Knows of everybody’s fate, who writes books of prophecy each year and sells them to the people residing in the country, while the latter still hunting for fame, and not yet as rich as the guy above because his books do not sell well on the market.

Today, U.S, China, Vietnam etc. keep searching for the missing Boeing 777, and nobody knows if they give a fuck about Myanmar’s astrologer’s shits.

What is sure is; they would find it fucking funny if they hear that damned signs of zodiac can help predict the fate of a plane, and that a black hole, a space of a dead star, exists in the sky over 30000 ft above the ground.

For the people of Myanmar, however, the moves of two astrologers should be appreciated somehow, for they make their best proactive effort on behalf of the government which, being in charge of ASEAN this year, can give no response to this issue of plane missing.

Myanmar, by its people refereed to as Golden Land, is a rich country in terms of crazy ministers, mad religious leaders, dickhead astrologers, and above all, a bald hypocrite President.

Report by ကျော်ဘသစ် from YGN

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