In my experience of  life,I was not contented in finding and learning  things that I eager to do.But,the one point I find is that the older I become,the more meaningless my life is.

And I  began thinking of the essence of life.What is that?In my adult age,I think life will be  meaningful if we are healthy , educated , wealthy and having a high social status in our society.However,when I possess the things I have been trying all the time like education ,good job and property,I find that these things can’t make my life meaningful .Even though I own these things I wish ,I was not contented my life .I thought that I can ‘t brings these things with me to next life when I die .I am not ready for my next life up to now.What happened to me? I was so surprised and realized that I have spent my precious time in wrong way.At that time,an idea flashed into my mind,”What is the essence of Life?”And ”What is the right way to pass through our rest lifetime usefully?”

If you have any good idea for the essence of life,please share me at any time.

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