Looking at the Indian train and passengers, brings back memories. I know how it feels. I had taken the trains from Rangoon to Mandalay, many years ago. They were really congested.

The Indian train in the picture looks larger and more powerful. The coaches look bigger, longer, roomier, sturdier, and cleaner. However, because of over population, the Indian crowds riding on the roofs and hanging by the sides, are unspeakably worse.

On Burma trains, I saw only a handful of people overflowing outside. Only inside, they were always sardine packed with people and goods.

When compared to the western  trains, however, I could only say the respective Indian and Burmese governments are largely at fault.  Over the years, the rail systems had been largely neglected. They ignored the people and their well being.

Look again at the people riding the Indian train in the pictures. They are even joyful and smiling, as if it’s an adventure. They have accepted this as a way of life. They are resigned to their fate.

Not so, with western people. They and the media dare to stand up for their rights and criticize their elected officials. The officials respond and have to serve the people. No lethargy and bluffing around.  No acting like despots, looking out to fatten themselves.

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