I think each time we waste paper, we are wasting a part of a tree and contributing to deforestation. Each time we throw a plastic bag to burn…

If we allow the process of destruction to continue, if can only mean the end of the Earth and spell our doom.

When we think green, we begin to notice many creative ways to recycle things.

That pile of scrap paper can be cut into smaller size for small note pads.

The Styrofoam box if not soiled, can be turned into a drawer- organiser, for keeping loose paper clips, staples or labels.Instead of buying a fancy pencil holder, why not convert a glass or plastic bottle for that purpose ?

Cardboard backings of writing pads and bubble packing can be re-used as protective padings when making photographs slides or computer diskettes.

More important than recycling is to reduce usage. Even as offices are going paperless, we still depend too much on the printed document.

If you choose to stock drinks in the home, cut down on canned and packaged drinks. Buy bottled ones instead–you can use the bottles later.

Always think that there are still many students at the monestry-

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