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Hello~ my name is Clementine.
I am of biracial heritage, my father being Australian and my mother being Burmese. My mother is a retired flight attendant and my father is a pilot.
I was born in Chiang Mai, Thailand on a Sunday in June 1999. At the age of 2, I stumbled into my first daycare in Bilbao, Spain where my dad worked as a contract pilot. At 4 years old, we moved to Burma and I was enrolled into a kindergarten called ‘Twinkle Tots’ in Yangon. When I turned 5, I was enrolled in an international school in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam until the age of 11. As you can tell, it was where I spent the majority of my childhood more or less. Our next stop was Gold Coast, Australia.
We relocated in 2010 and we lived there for almost 4 years. I feel my time in Australia has shaped me into the person I am now compared to other countries. This could be because, our teenage years are most vulnerable to change, so even though the time spent there was short, I felt like that was where I really grew up. And now here I am, returning to Yangon, Burma. I am studying at an international school, the subject I am most fond of is Myanmar Studies. I never had the opportunity to fluently speak, read or write Burmese so I am grateful that I have now been given the chance. I believe I will be here for a time while my father is improving his health.
I have a deep passion for Japan; especially its history and culture. I find the Japanese language very graceful and beautiful to listen to. I’ve only ever met two Japanese people in my life but they were both very lovely. Sadly, I have never personally travelled there but I’d really love to visit Japan one day! Also, the food is really delicious! I love salmon sashimi & miso soup the most~ Another fact about me is that I’ve had an interest in art ever since I was young. I’ve always loved drawing & painting but gradually developed an interest in makeup, film & Japanese animation as well.
Music most definitely influences a large part of my life. I like to listen to anything that’s catchy but if I had to pick a few genres; I like R&B, PBR&B (a more contemporary genre of R&B), techno, pop & rap. Rihanna, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Frank Ocean, Drake & Kanye West are my favorite artists ^^.
Because of my many different passions, I find it hard to decide on just one profession so I will most likely have more than one occupation in the future.


မှတ်ချက်။  ။ မြန်မာ့ဂဇက် ဒီဇင်ဘာထုတ်တွင်ဖေါ်ပြပြီးဖြစ်သည်။

ဓာတ်ပုံ။ George Swar

Photo spec:
Camera: Panasonic GH4
1/160 sec f/9 @ 80mm
ISO: 200
Studio Flash.
Makeup: Jet Jet
Black & White Studio


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