YouTube – Liu Wei – Armless Pianist – China’s Got Talent 8-8-2010 [ English Annotations ]

A 23 years old armless Chinese played the piano with feet in a TV show.

this guy is awesome. i have all my limbs and im not even half as talented as this guy.

I can honestly say I do not comment on here often. But after watching this performance, I was left in tears! We as a whole race complain about the smaller things in life. We tend to give up before even getting started! I will be the first to say I have done so at times! To see this young man self teach himself is inspiring and incredible! Thank you for posting this! I have a rare nerve disease, and will not complain so much anymore! God Bless!


Wow, I never thought a single 2 minute performance would be able to make me cry, but Liu Wei managed to do that. ^ ^;

He is such an inspiriation. Playing piano at such a late age, with his feet, and still being able to come this far. I agree with the judge. There is really no use complaining about life when a young man has come so far with so little. I’ll be rooting for him. (:

YouTube – Armless Pianist in China’s Got Talent 2010-08-08

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