At today,In this my new article section and I am Mr.Than Lhaing from Toronto city of Canada will talk about the happy world which we are being living now, Right! do you all?,in our universal and in all the planets,the orbit,the celestial,the dark,the nitrogen,the ozone and the oxygen and then the globle so the whole which humend living on is only by the air which oxygen and start to living just thousand of million year surly Right! do you?.And as our novel property, all humend who living on it,it is great or main responsible. if non! our lovely the only one world is will be demage or disappear soon with the danger dom great and the last accident is case to us but some country on the world is they did`t care because they able to, start to living on the Moon planet by science  and in this my article give all the humend try some other way to escase all too and on the world year by year more heavy rain is rain and raining,rain is case by start  much water-drop on the surface with the hot sun and then, it is case the world planet turning around from left to right  be the pressure of heavy world turning around else make the heavy cloud and the rain and by rain-drop fully water in the whole ocien which axiety mark and include nature disaster is more and more as each year and by this turning round is make the cloud and the heavy rain much drop so we should try more way to solve this problem, like trying to how the water in the all ocien dry down and rain-fall how to decread down and all heavy things not to too much on the globle for the total populations on the world by  over 45000 millions living so every day notice about that not soon sure dome it is will be occure so in this article else the same time I want to give advise to maintain the globle together with our daily living on present to non volunteer as.

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