Today! I am Mr.Bago Than Lhaing will talk the article which title about “Humand of body and its spirit”Our globe being from our universal by trillion`thousand years a go and firstly with a few part oxygen,polution,cloud,insects,enimel,wild humen,rain,lake,forest,as its senior and haved seen for humand is by appear body and as insects adoptation and then since that time the humen group settle from place to the another  and till the present time that we see on globe a lot of parts.all of us novaday living, though to many several kinds by comfortable the moderns century, sex,music entertainment,easy communication,science method,moderns treatment but human of us till surfer from any kinds of daseases case from our hard a chance life, though If we think this deaseases are used to  case from our long life living, especially heavy weight from dirty oxygen,include the pressure which turning roung globe and make us very tired either make us more tired and tired and feeling hurt and get  bad paint, those paint is get worse till unable to cure make us lost control  or die and include all humand daily hard ativities is the main so going to the end survivor. when our body case any surfer of one sure dead by bad paint human feeling hurt crisis and die when die the oxygen from the breath with heavy weight which I talk the above it is feeling as the high from the about six feets unable to control every sence of as the flame got blow out the breath die complectly, though death, there is  no humand` spirit at all, blowing spiritual a way flying travel the globe and  to end oxygen zone but just only combination dead body sence or glance those spirit which weight by globe turning a rond and pre.dirty oxygen group blow out away flooting insider the breathing zone near us so there is no! at all that devil or spirit that no nature. in this section which I want to fear about cancer deaseases there is no country on the world unable to cure yet, to get well from cancer paint some medicine are not perfectly one hundred percent one hand as volunteer the author want to write down from knowledge other book cancer treatment mothed is when the body case cancer surfer for the patient keep our mine clear, from the sence`family,tired from job any ativities, doing sead palm, two time daily shower,white dresses,drink gluesco,going to live fresh air,garden,eating tortoist dish two weeks a time,lightly any soup as prickle plant if possible sleeping on mattress when get ache change to on floor so it is will be get back well lightly from cancer bad paint soon, on right.

Yes! I am Bago than Lhaing

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" BIOGRAPHY" Name. Mg Than Lhaing and I was born in 05. June. 1964 ( ) street Monsanpya (19) Quarter Bago in Burma and my parent is the father U Khay and the mother Daw Ohon May ( die) and totally my family is 9 above me are 4 and the below are 2 who they are all recent at Bago and at the year of 1974 I got start the school till 1986 by 9 standards high school at No-1 High School Bago and I didn't go ahead the high school, I quit it and help my home work which 2 field farmerland and 1 farmland where Bago western and the wife is Miss Lay Kyi and I got marriage 1990 at Bago and we got 1 son who`name Mg Soe Lwin Myint and a dauther who`Ma May Thet Oo Maw and then in the year of 1994 she had passed away by cancer disease and in 1996 I make a detailed proposal for working abroad which Canada and recently I living at Vancouver city which the above address that 33. Avenue, 744 A Apt, Vancouver, BC and on the time where Vancouver city, while I worked at dayship Tandorra restuarent and while I went to ESL school night part time and I went ahead Vancouver School Board High school and after VSB high I attended on VSB college school where 39.1580 West Broadway street Vancouver city Bc, Canada and then I finished the school by Bachelor Of Art In English diploma since 2004 and present beside a membership of Myanmer Gazette Journal Co.Ltd and a membership of Facebook Fine Friend Association. Email: Kindly Truly yours