Today, I am Mr.Than Lhaing Bago, will write about our really lovely universal which we are living now. it is also one of main imfortance our main planet.The universal planet, it is correct! and there is our beliving,our hopefully and our almost reliable than globle and not main survivor as Globle even though we should like.The unmeasurable and fully nitrogen zone where our Universal`insider of it excluesively unestimate else small hard rock group similar celexies which the early one group and stars group by  insider crask but countable is planets and as senior, these are firtly1.Moon,2.Venus,3.Sun,4.Jupiter,5.Globle,6.Mar,7.Uranus,8.Saturn and 9. Neptune which there are total 9 planet. All came from  piece of its [ universal] cracker glance and the Neptune is the most late planet and then our globle appeared from Universal the same time with its Oxygen accumulation lately acommplishement but later than group hard rocks and celexies and stars and endeavor, the world at that time is still only weak oxygen therefore human on globle the early groups, not survived yet, later from that sence and over 6 hundred years human making appearance next and became able to living on earth until now, as I had wrote the same journal newpaper the last two weeks ago there is not longer term as some writers wrote down in a daily newpapers that beyong which by thousand years the world will be disappear firmly, nobody alive empty,Right? because there is not as post include control at all.And by this stresses made some body get the way to urbaned on  other planet as  the Moon and by great science method else they had approved contrivance to them easily, if we forcast, the modern Russia country is the one fasted which catched the Moon among  the other country on the world which complect and then some they will plan to be living on the Moon too by  their country` production oxygen, case Moon soil if wet like globle soil is may able to  ready product oxygen accumulation well from the Moon factory soon capable else, it is firstly as all had known in our school lessons but at all no rain drops yet difficult for  mission and only later time, since 1998 The United State Of America` astronuses also get reached both planet as Mar planet and then Moon planet totally no more yet, if we think about the sekyay world it is thick and darkness sence or article, complected nitrogen insider of it, which we are living now.The whole  universal which  fully nitrogen great space and the same time with some point space are case natural demage by great heavy weight of itself. All aricle inside and planet kept on appear as rocks,celexies,stars and planets by their senior way and it traveled to the other keep the space quickly like water and flows to lower soil space and this call changing for small piece group include celexies and so on to get apporaved from unseenable a small nitrogen pieces those are case from some space changing to the demage to only the planets partly, For our globle, the senior is place 6, in this point I missed writed, for the senior 4, last week and Please! reread it Oh,! my ghost! it is perfect sharply over now wait it more, next chance I will write  my article, More! joy audience soon,right.

Yes! I am Than Lhaing,Ba.

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" BIOGRAPHY" Name. Mg Than Lhaing and I was born in 05. June. 1964 ( ) street Monsanpya (19) Quarter Bago in Burma and my parent is the father U Khay and the mother Daw Ohon May ( die) and totally my family is 9 above me are 4 and the below are 2 who they are all recent at Bago and at the year of 1974 I got start the school till 1986 by 9 standards high school at No-1 High School Bago and I didn't go ahead the high school, I quit it and help my home work which 2 field farmerland and 1 farmland where Bago western and the wife is Miss Lay Kyi and I got marriage 1990 at Bago and we got 1 son who`name Mg Soe Lwin Myint and a dauther who`Ma May Thet Oo Maw and then in the year of 1994 she had passed away by cancer disease and in 1996 I make a detailed proposal for working abroad which Canada and recently I living at Vancouver city which the above address that 33. Avenue, 744 A Apt, Vancouver, BC and on the time where Vancouver city, while I worked at dayship Tandorra restuarent and while I went to ESL school night part time and I went ahead Vancouver School Board High school and after VSB high I attended on VSB college school where 39.1580 West Broadway street Vancouver city Bc, Canada and then I finished the school by Bachelor Of Art In English diploma since 2004 and present beside a membership of Myanmer Gazette Journal Co.Ltd and a membership of Facebook Fine Friend Association. Email: Kindly Truly yours