Today! Yes!, well! that[ at the Date.of 21.Febuary.2016], It is I am Mr.Bago,Than Hlaing.BA. from Vancouver city`British Columbia which Europe the rest end  of east northtern distination which situated on the world located and for other friends of mine, they are prepare to living at Toronto city, Ontario province of Canada, so those were living on as their behavior self and the same on this nice ocasional of mine, and else that, Thank you! to the whole all reader audiences and the same too with specially to this Myanmar Gazette Journal daily newpaper company limited, members group and  the whole field of all more intention audiences.

My`article essay groups in this journal from indicate the passage of time sharply and total four items essays articles consume in the same journalist by whom writer title, Bago Than Lhaing.BA. writer`solitary and then, now to five which going ahead that will be perfectly on have been placing from this page to the every part of the field for reader audience too, as known right!.And then for this kind and other group of technology conponent which mean basicaly technic and eletronic base transmiter component, this units was used by major human on the world by before 21 centuries ago and then humanity in present term get improvement on them more and more and spreadly devlopment is every parts of country deeply around the world already and by very expressing conditional mood which to every body had known it and so on   in every body had been belived them which that without doubt and no more complain about it at all in bing afflicted with them. that is righ such! our valueable component objective of  true one.This essay article! the title let by which THE GREAT TECHNIC & ELECTRONIC, It is nicely into perfect title of this fifith around else that fully to  the whole reader  of each vision as clear by under strong withness. And by the same time too, good new to who all my old or new reader` audiences that, this technique mechinary electronic component groups will be the best known in the futher surly by great surprise. And how much this science objective or mechinary component which jointly consistance through from main electric unit group to small branches by microchip and transistors and motors and for technic main part as mechine body group partly camshark,crankshark,pistons,sparks and fuel tink, they effected consequence to us that we should know at one clearly right way or we strongly should keeep understand tidily. It is main our handhelp as.And it is as main being hood of us so as we get be aristocracy or all human inside the universe and on the globe consistance that daily in our gaint humanbeing imfortant dealing heavy ativities or in great jobs either using for the most effective resources which surly techincal and electronical energies and  imfortance resources that  had known popularlly by strong withness of history which those are transportations resources, communications resources,healthy resources,life safty resources,maintaining resources and inclusivley entertainment resources to the end that as great usefull to us and which as we should making in inventions parts on which in our field as great much that as we could ahead.

Right! They are great usefully in our modern life and as technique part in the work field, production sections these are any kind of mechinary groups engines on the field which water pumps engines to deploy on farmerland, farmland, in the forestland and the gerdens, in government municiple department and for the automobil or motorcars, trains and any kind of motor cranke cars we are using them in transportation services which digging great lakes, building emburnkments or dams and spoil the hill and mountains out.carring human body, carrying  several of things small and heavy big and doing urbance services to other planets because our globe which normal human`property is unsure and a few hope of the futher incompetent or the world is untide which suituated on the air inside the ozone only by sure momentary of evil sense, this mean that the world which under damage certainly in short futher term no more by its capable in the end to being cycle. So in this point my sugestion is to all my audeinces that should pay intention or making investment in urbance services through settle to other new planets by science method guiding fully of knowledgable take to each the bright goal.

Novaday,with regard to, the electronic which that current flowing transistor action fully as transmiter from unit to other on electronic circist board which form perfect system and which these are from base electric current and more base amberence causes electrostatic phenomena and a series of cages for the intensive rearing of poultry and then this component are effectively usefull in communication section as cellular telephones or landline telephones, radio circist base board, in all planes and helicopaters and other aircrafts and inclusively all motors cars panel displayed, solar energy system circist boards either, some autometic rocket bomb on explorsive display and knots or as wireless phony cupboard bomb,digital all kind of watches and clocks and so on, as other all kind of human daily commodities astonishement are by example.

A century long time ago, on the globe, there are these world famus inventors group are accordance to  private recordings scetions which listed below, the motor cars was invented by inventor namely Mr.Karlbenz from Germany country in 1894 and then Mr.Ferdinand verbiest also motor cars in 1799, from the same Germany, The planes are by inventor, Ekrano plane was invented by Mr.Rostislav evgenfevich Alexeyev in 1980 from Russian, Mr.Wright brother in 1799 to 1903 from Germany, the trains was invented by Mr.Richard Trevithick, Engineer. and Mr.Jame Watte in 25.8.1819 from Scotish, the steam automobill was by Nicolas-Josegit in 1768 from French, the electric vehicle by Mr.Anyosjedlik in 1828 from Hungarean, the bicycles by Mr.Blair Smith in 1860 from Franch, the motorcycle by Mr.Edward Bustler in 1884 from British, the ships by Mr.John Ericson and Mr.Pettit Smith in 1835 from French and British, the motor part advance by Mr.Arago in 1824 from French, the televation was invented by Mr.Valadimir Kworykin in from 1782 to 1888 from Russian and Mr. Hovannesadamnn in 1879 to 1932 which colour televations from Russer, Mr.Marconi in 1897 from Poland, the world first articfisel  satelite in 1975 by (———) from (———–), the intergraph was invented by Mr.Abakanowlz in 1852  from Russian, the first rocket was invented byViladimir Barmin in from 1906 to 1998 from Russer, launch complex space worn by MrEvgeny Abramsan in 1909 from Russer, the archcromatic micro scope by Mr.Frans aepinus since from 1724 to 1802 from French, the Nuclear ice breaker jumbo war ships by Mr.Anatoly Alexandrov since 1903 to 1994 from Russer, Laser disces array by Mr.Zhores Alferov in 1930 from Russer, the soft landing space luner vihecle by Mr.Georgy Bakakin in 1906 from Russer, the laser by Mr.Nikolay Basov since from 1992 to 2001 from Russer, carbon arc welding by Mr.Nikolay Barnados since 1842 to 1905 from Russer, rocket power aircrafts by Mr.Avender Bereznyak since 1912 to 1974  from Russer, the air craft berievbe.12 created by Mr.Georgy Berlev since 19-03 to 1979 from Russer, First tracker vehicle wago steam power was created by Mr.Fyodor blinov since 1827 to 1902 from Russer, the quadrotor helicopters by Mr.Georgy Bothezet in (————) from Russer, the internet serrch engines website by Mr.Sergy Brin since 1973 to 1990 from Unite state of america, metal hule ice breaker pilots createsd by Mr.Mirhail Britvev since 1822 to 1889 from Russer,ternary computers was invented by Mr.Nikolay Brisenisov sence 1925 to 1945 from Russer, Electron beam by Mr.Gersh Budker since 1918 to 1977 from Russer and component detectors by Mr.Puael Cherenkov since 1904 to 1990 from Russer these are world the history of famous inventors. so for this around of I am Mr. Bago Than Lhaing,BA. Please! me expression an assumption upon which  this section and see you all next around.

Writed by: Mr. Bago Mr.Than Lhaing,BA……






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