Jellyfish Koala One of an old man about 49 years old with too long , weak string beard down to front almost his stomach catch, with quiet slow foot step position by his right hand keep touching desirous frequently manner came early in Tortalin La  of one rainy day, through strong wind and driving extending uniformly in one direction only with a curve fresh  early morning falling rain which heavy falling in traditionally rainy season year.

Over the down,walking as base from the street east-northtern Moekhounkhice city streets which keep seprately along the paddy field and through to directly his un-aim destination journeys as, with slow normally strong foot steps with old senior age of him carrying little partly black and white bag-pack fully with some dry food inside it, a slim body style carrying on by his body, with strong and enough tall. He was wrapped up from head to foot seem rainy coat which water-full cloth uniform which sweater inside and the below thick cloth with tradition Lonngy, and the brim of his soft left bamboo hat hid his face from almost dark shape the shiny tip of his nose under some dark clouds in the sky early morning which almost the rain which drop had saturate with liquid heavy really  dead than alive almost enough heavy as it seemed cold a moment about 25 minutes which this bad year mid cruel rainy season.

For over 6 miles far and half than over and flung his bag-pack down half way of his journey where a bar which was build by brisks inside big house, with unclear his voice from his mouth by frost the rain drop A warm cloth! A warm cloth! A warm cloth!, he cried horribly in the name of human charity where one of a building beside the road along the way his coming through which a small village, he see a room and a bar owner, from building which a bar He stamped shook with the  wet dresses from off his body himself into the bar without stood-still and followed the woman age by 43 years old namely Mrs.Thway Kyi Oo who restuarent owner Kyiphuswer restaurent into her wide guest parlour, the man to strike his bargain.And with much introduction that,  a ready acquiescence to terms and a couple of cashs in his hand flung on the table of counter ,he took up his quarters in the inn here and strongly agree, he start to order Ayatphu and beer serve. Mrs. Thway Kyi Oo look at him by serious and take out dry thick cloth from her bar cabinet while she went to prepare him a meal with her own hands which lunch at that day afternoon

A guest to stop at an a bristly high-pitching of ringing sound in rainy time was an unheard- piece of luck,let alone a guest who was no”haggler,” and she was resolved to show herself worthy of her good fortune.As soon as the bacon was well under way, and May Nwei Win, her lymphatic lotion and powder of bottles each,had been brisked up a bit by a few deftly chosen expressions of contempt, she carried some cloth, more plates, and glasses into the parlour, placed them on the table with the utmost a conspicuously brilliant.

Although the meal which served ran out briskly, she was a surprise to see that her client still wore his bamboo hat and coat, standing with his back to her and staring out of the window at the thick falling rain which still heavy falling in the yard.His hands were shocking seem still cold and he is being lost in though.She noticed that the melted, wet water that still sprinkle his shoulders dropped upon bar wooden floor.”Can I take your hat and coat,”she said,”and give them a good dry cloth from the cabinet? “No,” she said with out turning,Please! me,.She was not sure she had heard him and the man a hooligan or petty criminal his head was about to repeat her question. He turned his head and looked at her over his shoulder.Waite a bit warm,”he said with embassies, and she noticed that he wore big blue spectacles with side-lights, and had bushy side-whisker over his coat-collar that completely had his cheeks and face.

“Very well,Sir,”she said.”As you like a while, the room will be warmer.”

He made no reply and had turned his face away from her again, and Mrs.Thway Kyi Oo,feeling that her conversational advances were ill-timed, laid the rest of the table things in a quick staccato and whisked out the room to the stove, a momentary as 5 minutes with some plates of more dishes.When she returned, he was still standing there,like a man of stone,his back handed, his collar turned up,his dripping had-brim turned down, hiding his face and the ears completely.She put down the eggs and bacon with considerable emphassis, and called rather than said to him,”Your lunch is served,Sir.” “Thank you,”he said at the same time, and did not stir until she was closing the door.Then he swung round and approached the table with a certain eager quickness.

As she went behind the bar to the kitchen she heard a sound repeated at regular interval.Chirk, chirk, chirk, it went, the sound of spoon being rapidly whisked round a basink.”That girl!’ she said.There! I clean forgot it. I am fexessive slowness.She had cooked the ham and eggs, laid the table, and done everything,.while May Nwei Win (help indded!) had only succeeded in delaying the mustart,and him a new guest and wanting to stay! Then she filled the mustart pot, and, putting it with certain stateliness upon a gold and black tea-tray, hot chinese noodle soup carried them into front customer serving tables with a few clients being enjoy.

She rapped and entered promptly.As she did so, her buyer moved quickly so that, she got but a glimpse of a white object disappearing behind the table.It would seem he was picking somethings from the floor.She rapped down the mustard pot on the table, and then she noticed to these his overcoat and hat had been taken off and hang over the top of  a chair in front of another deck, and a pair of his smoke which partly wet khapound cigarette threatened rust to her store table.She went to these things resaleable.”I suppose I may have them dry now,”she said in a voice that brooked no denial.

“Leave the hat,”said the woman, in a muffled voice,and turning she saw he had raised his head and was sitting and looking at her.For a moment she stood gaping at him, too surprised to speak.

He hold a white cloth which it was a serviette he had brought with him-over the lower part of his face so that, his mouth and jaws were completely hidden, and that was the reason for his muffled voice.But it was not that which startled Mrs.Thway Kyi Oo.It was the fact that all his forehead above his glass was cover by a white bandage, and that another covered his ears,leaving not a scrap of his face expose excepting only his pink face.It was bright pink,and shiny just as it had been at first.He wore a dark-brown velvet jacket which insider body with a high,black,,linen-lined collar turned up about his neck.The black hair,escaping as it could below and between the bandages ,project in curious tails and horns,giving him the strangest appearance conceivable.This muffled  voice and bandage head was so unlike what she had anticipated,that for a moment she was rigged.

He did not remove the banana pies,but remained holding it,as she saw now,with a pink a tower ,and regarding her with his inscrutable blue glasses,”Leave the hat,”he said again,speaking very distinctly through the white cloth.Her nerves began to recover from the shocking they had received.She placed the hat on the chair again by the kitchen.”I didn`t know,Sir,”she began,that yesterday customer making so naughty around and she stopped embrace.”Thank you,”He said drily ,glancing from her to the door and then at her again.”I`ll have them nicely dried Sir, at once,”she said, and carried his clothes out of the room.She glanced at his white-switched head and blue goggles again as she was going out the door; but his napkin was still in front of his face.She shivered a little as she closed the door behind her, and her face was eloquent of her surprise and perplexity.”I never,” she whispered.”There!”She went quite softly to the kitchen, and was too preoccupied to ask Mis.May Nwei Win, what she was messing about with now her facing the sense, when she got there.

The stranger sat an listened to her retreating feet.He glanced inquiringly at the window before he removed his serviette, and resumed his meal.He took a mouthful, glanced suspiciously at the window, took another big mouthfully, then rose and seize and hold firmly the serviette in hand,walked wide fully the room and pulled the blind down to the top of the white muslin that obscured the lower panes.This left the room in a twilight.This done,he returned with an easier air to the table and his meal.”The poor soul`shad an accident or an operation or something,”said Mrs.Thway Kyi Oo.”What a turn them bandagas did give me, to be sure!”

She put on some more coal more cooking dishes kinds cause still raining though,unfolded the clothes-horse, and extended the traveller`scoat upon this.”And they goggle!Why,he looked more like a divin`-helmet than a human man!”She hung his muffler on a corner of the horse.”And holding that handler over his mouth all the time.Talkin`through it!…Pherhaps his mouth was hurt too-maybe.”

She turned round, as one who suddenly remembers.”Bless my soul alive!”she said,going off at a tangent,”arn`t you done them taters yet,Mis.May Nwei Win?”When Mrs.Thway Kyi Oo went to clear away the stranger`s lunch,her idea that his mouth must also have been cut or disfigured in the accident she supposed him to have suffered,was confirmed,for he was smoking the cigeret which catch burning his fingers and he got hurt as shouted out his scream with lose his manner, and all the time that she was in the room he never loosend the silk muffer body he had wrapped round the lower part of his face to put the mouth piece to his lips. Yet! it was not forgetfullness,for she saw he glanced at it  smouldered out.He sat in the place angle where two side edges meet with his back to the window-blind and spoke now,having eaten and drunk and been comfortable warmed through, with less aggressive brevity than before.The reflection of the hot fire lent a kind of red animation to his big spectacles they had lacked hitherto.

“I have my one chintoung pack from along trip”he said, which with not me long”at Moekhounkhice city,”and he asked her how he could have it sent shiping to which Ngapyortortan city, between two cities is 13 miles far.He bowed his bandage head quite politely in acknowledgement of her explanation.”Tomorrow!”he asked,”There is no speedier delivery?”and seemed quite disappointment when she answered,”No.”Was she quite sure? May Nwei Oo, no man with trap, for now no, Sir.”

Nothing loath,answered his questions and developed a conversation, no more.”It`s a steep road by the down,Sir,”she said, an answer to the question about a trap; and then, snatching at an opening,said that it was there a carriage was up-settled a year ago and more, A gentleman was killed left side prairie, it is coachman.Accidents,Sir,happens in a moment,don`t they? Now just new postman on duty and it is holiday, Don`t you know!.

But the stranger was not to be drawn so easily.”They do,”he said through muffler,eyeing her quietly through his impenetrable glasses.

“But they take long enough to get well,Sir,don`t they?…There was my sister`s son, Mr.Thay Lwin Kyaw,Yet, Oh! so young and he just cut his arm with a scythe,tumbled on it in the “a field and, bless me! he was three months tied up,Sir.You`d hardly believed it, It`s regular given me a dread of a scythe,Sir.”

“I can quite understanding that,”said the stranger.”He was afraid of one time that, he`d has to has  an operation-he was that bad, Sir.”

The buyer laughed abruptly, a bark of laugh that he seemed to bite and kill in his mouth.”Was he?’he said.

“He was Sir,.and no laughing matter to them as had the doing for him, as I had-my sister being took up with her little ones so much.There was bandages to do,Sir,and bandages to undo either Sir.So that, if I may make so bold as to say it,Sir-” that is why” Be happy,

“Will you get me some matches?”said the stranger,quite abruptly.”My cigar is out of fire.”and I almost ran out of smoke else.”

Mrs.Thway Kyi Oo was pulled up suddenly.It was certainly rude of him,after telling him all she had done.She gasped at him for a moment,and remembered the two sovereigns.She went for the matches.

“Thanks a lot,”he said concisely,as she put them down, and turned his shoulder upon her and stared to out of the window again.It was altogether too discouraging.Evidently he was sensitive on the topic of operations and bandages.She did not”make so bold as to say,”however,after all.But his snubbing way had irritated her, and May Nwei Win had a hot time of it that afternoon just a short.

The visitor remained in the parlour until four `clock which still raining outside without giving the ghost of an excuse for an instruction.For the most part he was still during that time;it would had seem he sat  in the growing darkness smoking great density perhaps dozing.

Once or twice a curious listener might have heard him at the corner of the bar, and for the space of five minutes he was audible pacing the room.He seemed to be talking to himself.Then the armchair creaked as he sat down again and look at May Nwei Oo while enter from outside.

At 04.32 O`clock that day, when it was fairly dark and Mrs.Thway Kyi Oo was screwing up her courage to go in and ask her client consumer if he would take some tea, Khin Lha Cho Ma, the clock-jobber, came into the bar and have said.”‘My sakes!Mrs.Thway Kyi Oo,”said.But this is terrible weather for thin shoes!”The rain outside was falling faster such move into position to flood an widely.

Mrs.Thway Kyi Oo agreed with him, and then noticed that he had his bag, and hit upon a brilliant idea.”Now you are here,Mr.Khin Lha Soe.” said “I`d be glad if you`d give the old clock in the parlour a bit of look.”It is going, and it strikes well and hearty,but the hour-hand won`t do nothing but point at six.”

And leading the way,she went cross to the door and rapped and entered.

Her customer who the first time enjoy, she saw as she opened the door,was seated in the armchair before the main room with heavy rain,dozing than points it would seem,with his bandaged head drooping on one side which left side.The only light in room as the red glow from 100 watt bulb which for customers and which lit his eyes like adverse new stranger signals with sorrow sense,but left his downcast face the darkness-and the scanty vestiges of the day that came in through  the open door.Everything was ruddy,shadow way,and indistinct to her, more so, since she had just been lighting the bar light, and he was very drizzled. But for a second it seemed to her that she looked at had an enormous mouth wide open,-a vast and incredible mouth that swallowed the whole of the lower portion of his face.It was the sensation of a moment the white-bound head, the monstrous goggle eyes, and this huge yawn below it.Then he stirred,started up in his siting chair,put up his hand.She opened the door wide,so that the room lighter, and she saw him more clearly,with muffler held to his face just as she had seen him hold the serviette before.The shadows,she fancied, had tricked her.”Would you mind,Sir. this man a-coming to look at the clock,Sir?”she,recovering from her momentary shock.

“Look at the window?”he said,staring round in a drowsy manner, and speaking over his hand and then,getting more fully awake,”certainly.”Mrs.Thway Kyi Oo went a way to get her smokes, and he rose and stretched himself.Then came the light, and Mr. Khin Lha Soe and Cho Maung Lay, entering, was confronted by this bandages person manner.He was, he say,”taken aback.”

“Good-afternoon!”said the stranger,regarding him,as Mr.Cho Maung Lay says, with vivid sense of the dark spectacles,”like a lobster.”

“I hope,” said Mr.Cho Maung Lay “that it`s no instrusion.”None whatever,”said the stranger.”Though,I understand,” he said,turning to Mrs.Thay Kyi Oo,”that this room is really to be mine for my own temporary private use.”

” I though,Sir,”said Mrs.Thway Kyi Oo.”You would prefer the clock-“She was going to say”mended.”

“Certainly-but,as a rule,I like to be alone and undisturbed.”But I`m really glad to have the art wall paint pictures with frams seen to,” he said,seeing certain hisitation in Mr.Cho Maung Lay`s manner.”Very good.”Mr.Cho Maung Lay had intended to apologise and withdraw mistaken,but this anticipation reassured him.The stranger stood round with his back to the chair and put his hands behind his back, and presently, he said,”when the art paint hunging, is over.”

Mrs.Thway Kyi Oo was about to leave the room,-she made no conversational advances this time, because she didn`t want to be snubbed in front of Mr.Cho Maung Lay,-when the stranger asked her if she had made any arrangements about his boxes to Moekhounkhice city.She told him she had mentioned the matter to postman, and that the carrier could bring them over on the tomorrow.”You are certain that is earliest?” he added,”what I saw really too citadel old and fatigued to do after,that I am an experimental investigator.”Indeed,Sir,”said Mrs.Thway Kyi Oo.

“And I`m naturally anxious to get on with my injuries.”

“Of course,Sir.” Me too,.Stay calm,polite is favour of all.”

“My reason for coming to Thanonpintorjoung village which 3000 acres paddy field lands over sylinder surrounding proceed,with a certain deliberation of manner,”was-a desireable for solitude.I do not wish to be disturbed in my work.I addition to my work, an accident-“”I thought as much ,” said Mrs.Thway kyi Oo to herself, necessitates a certain retirement .My eyes-are sometimes are so weak and paint full that I have to shut myself to the dark for hours together and lock myself up.Sometime-now and longer. Not at present certainly. At such times the slightest disturbance, the entry of a stranger into the room, is a source of excruciating annoyance to me- it is well these things should be understood.”

“Certianly,sir,”said Mrs.Thway Kyi Oo.”And if I might make so bold as to ask-”

“That,I think,is all,” said stranger who new customer, with that quietly irritable air if finality he could assume a will.Mrs.Thway Kyi Oo reserved her question and sympathy for a better occasion.

After Mrs.Thway kyi Oo had left the room, he remained standing in front of the chair long four legs,so Mr.Cho Maung lay put it at the clock mend and Mr.Cho Maung Lay not only took off the hand of the clock and the face,but extracted the works; and he try to work in as slow and quiet and unassuming a manner as could.He worked with near the  wall and the green shape threw a brilliant light upon his hands,and upon the frame and wheels, and left the rest of the room shadowy.When he looked up, coloured patches swam in his eyes.Being constitutionally of a curious nature ,he had removed the works- a quite unnecesary proceeding- with the idea of the delaying his departure and perhaps falling into conversation with stranger.But the stranger stood there,perfectly silent and still,it got on Mr.Cho Maung Lay nerves. He felt alone in the room and looked up, and there, grey and dim, were the bandaged head and huge lenses staring fixedly,with a mist of green spots drifting in front of them.It was so uncanny-looking to Mr.Cho Maung Lay that for a minute they remained staring blankly at one another.Then Mr.Cho Maung Lay looked down again .Very uncomfortable position! One would like to say something.Should he remark that the weather was very cold for the time year? exactly.

He looked up at, if to make aim with that introductory shot.”The weather”-he began.

“Why don`t finish and go?” said the rigid figure,evidently in a state painfully surprise rage.”All you`ve got to do is to fix the hour-hand”Certainly,Sir-one minute more,Sir!. I overlooked-“And Mr.Cho Maung Lay finished  it and went.

But he went off feeling excessively annoyed.”Mr.Thar Lha it!” said Mr.Cho Maung Lay to himself, trudging down the village through the thawing raining;”a man must do a clock at times, sure lie.”

And again:”Can`t a man look at you?-Ugly!”And yet, again:”Seemingly to.If the police was wanting you couldn`t be more wrapped and bandaged.”

At village post office`s corner he saw Mr.Toe Kyi Oo,who had recently married the stranger`s hostess at the Coach and Horses, and who now drove the convenience store over a block conveyance,when occasional people required it,to Sidderbrighe,coming towards him on his return from that place.Mr.Toe Kyi Oo had evidently been”stopping a bit” at Sidderbridge, to judge by his driving.”Ow do, Teddy?” he said passing.”You got a run unup home!” Said Nga Thwer Lha.

Mr.Toe Kyi Oo very sociable pulled up.”What`s that?” he asked.

“Pyone Aye! looking customer stopping at the Coach and Horses,” said Mr.Nga Thwer Lha. My sakes!”

And he proceeded to give Mr.Toe Kyi Oo vivid description of his grotesque guest.”Looks a bit like a disquiet,don`t it?I`d like see a man`reflection if I had him stopping in my place,”said Mr.Cho Maung Lay.”But women are that trustful,-where strangers are concerned.He`s took your rooms and he aren`t even given a name,Toe Kyi Oo.”

“You don`t say so!” said Mr.Toe Kyi Oo, who was a man of sluggish apprehension.

“Yes,” said Mr.Nga Thwer Lha.”By the 1 day at restaurent`address. Whatever he is, you can`t get rid of him under the 1 day.And he`s got a lot of packing coming tomorrow,so he say.Let`s hope, it won`t be stones in boxes, Toe Kyi Oo,.”

He told Mr.Toe kyi Oo how his aunt at Heistings had been swindled by a stranger with empty portmanteau.

Altogether he left Mr.Toe Kyi Oo vaguely suspicious.”Get up, old girl!,” said Mr.Toe kyi Oo. It  is pose I must see`bout this,”

Nga Thwer Lha truged on his way with his mind considerably relieved.

Instead of “seeing`bout it,”however,Toe Kyi Oo on his return was severally rated by his wife on the length of time he had spent in Sidderbridge from the long way, and his mild inquiries were answered and in a manner not to the point. But the seed of suspicious Nga Thwer Lha had swon germinated in the mind of Mr.Toe Kyi in spite of these discouragements.’You may not know everything,” said Mr.Toe Kyi Oo, resolved to a certain more about the personality of his guest at the earliest possible opportunity.And after the stranger had gone to bed, which he did about half-part nine,Mr.Toe Kyi Oo went very aggressively into the parlour and looked very hard at his wife`s furniture, just to show that the stranger wasn`t master there, and scrutinized closely and a little contemptuously a sheet of mathematical computation the stranger had left. When retiring for the night he strustted  Mrs.Thway Kyi Oo to look  very closely at stranger` packing when it came next day.

She was all the more inclined to snap at Thway Kyi Oo because the stranger was undoubtedly an unusually sort of stranger, and she was by no means assured about him in her own mind. In the middle of the night she woke up dreaming of huge white heads like turnips, that came trailing after, at the end of interminable necks, and with vast black eyes. But being a sensible woman, she suddenly her terrors and turned over and went to sleep again.

So it was that on the twenty-ninth day of February, at the beganing of the thaw, this singular person fell out of infinity into   Ngapyortortan city. Next day his packing bag arrived through the slush which the city. And very remarkable packing it was. There were a couple of trunks indeed, such as a rational man might needed, but in addition there were a box of book,-big,fat books, of which some were just in an incomprehensible hand writing,- and a dozen more crates, boxes, and cases, containing objects packed in straw, as it seemed to Thway Kyi Oo,tugging with  a casual curiosity at straw-glass bottles. the stranger, muffled in hat, coat, bag pack, and wrapper, came out impatiently to meet Soe shew Min`s cart, while Thway Kyi Oo was having a word or so of gossip preparatory to the helping bring them in. Out he came, not noticing Soe Shew Min`s dog, who was sniffing in a dilettante spirit at Thway Kyi Oo`legs. “come along with those boxes,” he said. “I`ve been waiting long enough.” And came down step toward the tail of the cart, as it to lay hands on the smaller crate but he stand striaghtly, being brain storm not to use the cart carry and he willing to carry by his tall body along to.

No sooner had Soe Shew Min`s dog caught sight of him, whoever, than it began to bristle and growl savagely, and he rushed down the step it gave an undecided hopping, and then sprang straight at his hand.” Whup!” cried Mrs.Thway Kyi Oo, jumping back, for he was no here with dogs, and Soe Shew Min howled,”Lie down!” and snatched his whip. “They saw the dogs, teeth had slipped the hand, heard a kick,saw the dog`s excecute a flanking jump and get home on the man`s leg, and heard the rip of his trousering. Then finally end of Soe Shew Min`s whip reached his property, and the dog, yelping with dismay, retreated under the wheels of waggon.It was all business of swift half-minute.No one spoke,every one shouted. The man glanced swiftly as his pack of smoke and at his leg, made at with he would stoop to the latter, then turned and rushed swiftly up the steps into the inn.They heard him go head long across the passage and up the unclean stairs to his bedroom.The stranger stayed jointly 3 days in the restaurent.

“You! brute, you!” said Soe Shew Min, climbing off the waggon with his whip in his hand, while the dog watched him through the wheel,”Come here!” said Soe Shew Min-“you`d better.”

Thway Kyi Oo had stoop gasping.”He wuz bit, said Mrs.Thway Kyi Oo.”I`d better go and see to en.”He trotted after the man. He met Mrs. Thway kyi Oo in the passage.”Carrier`s darg,”he said, “bit en.”

He went straight upstairs, and the man`s door being ajar, he pushed it open and was entering without ceremony, being of a naturally sympathetic turn of mind.

The blind was down and the dim.He caught a glimpse a most singular things, what seem a handless arm waving toward him, and a face of three huge indeterminate spots on white, very like the face of a pale pansy. Then he was struck violently in the chest, hurled back, and the door slammed in his face and locked. It was so rapid that it gave him no time to observe. A waving of indecipherable shapes, a blow, and a concussion.There he stood on the a little landing,wondering what it might be that he had seen.

A couple minutes after, he rejoined the little group that had formed outside the Coach and Hourses. There was Soe Shew Oo telling about it all over again for the second time; there was Mrs.Thway Kyi Oo saying his dog didn`t have business to bite her guests; there was Mr.Myoe Sant Thaute, the genes, eral dealer from over the road, interrogative; and Mr.Phyoe Aung Khin from the forge, judical; besides women and children,-all of them saying fatuities:”Wouldn`t let me,  I Know;” “Kyaw Swer lay`s glove right have such dirgs,” “Whad`e bite`n for then? and so forth anything so very remarkable happen upstairs. Besides, his vocabulary was altogether too limited to express his impressions.Phyoe Aung Khin from the forge, judical; besides women and children,- all of them saying fatuities:”Wouldn`t leten bite me, I know;” ” Kyaw Swer Lay sn`t right have such dirgs;”Whad`ebite`n for then?” and so forth.

Mrs.Thway Kyi Oo, staring at them from the steps and listening, found it incredible that he had seen anything so very remarkable happen upstairs. Besides, his vocabulary was together too limited to express his impressions.”He don`t want, no help, he says,” he said in answer to his wife`s inquiry.”We`d better be a taken` of his luggage in.”

“He ought to have it cauterized at once,” said Mr.Myoe Sant Thaute;” especially if it`s a all inflamed.”I`d shoot en, that`s what I`d do,” said a lady in the group.Suddenly the dog began growling again.”Come along,”cried an angry voice in the door-way,and there stood the muffled stranger with his collar turned up, and his hat- brim bent down. “The sooner you get those things in the better I`ll be pleased.” It is stated by an anonymous bystander that his trousers and gloves had been changed.

“Was you hurt,sir?: said Soe Shew Min.”I am rare sorry the dirg.”

“Not a bit,” said the stranger.”Never broke the skin. Hurry up with those things.”

He then swore to himself, so Mrs.Thway Kyi Oo asserts. Directly the first crate was, in accordance with his directions, carried into the parlour by this village only he eager to carry by his body, the stranger flung himself upon it with extraordanary eagerness, and began to unpack it, scattering the straw with an utter disreguard of Mrs.Thway Kyi Oo`carpet. And from it he began to produce bottles,little flat bottles containing powders, small and slender bottles containing coloured and white fluids, fluted blue bottles labelled Poison include all in the packaged.

Suddenly stranger shoute to Mr.Nga Thwer Lha “Tomorrow at 01.30.AM I will start the journey again so” Please! some body give me a wake without fuck-off, it is at 11.29.PM he doesn`t went to bed cause busy with preparation bag pack for a trip up morning and till 12.15.AM he falling a sleep with all day tire of his heavy  stupid activities and on that day early morning at 02.31 AM one customer got shaken his body terribleness though he couldn`t a wake him and next one of bar customers used his hand again and hit him strongly till he got a wake up horrible and by without washs his face taken all one big wrap with water-full all and small slim bag and cupboard pack which not sent to Ngapyortortan city directly which 40 kilograms  heavy weights during rain drop partly but the road is a bit wet cause yesterday strictly rain and bad wet street doesn`t say Bye! Bye! to any body he rush out of the bar with his heavy enough stocks that quiet dark early morning to his a trip to desirable result destination where Ngapyortortan city without pay the last night fee to Mrs.Thway Kyi Oo, and for her how to collect the fee it is, she else didn`t ask stranger`name cause busy all day long, guy is stranger, how can she find him in Moehkounkhice city where 9 miles far, nobody knew him before, will he come to this Thanonpintorjoung villege of her and is stranger living the villages and cities around so make Mis.Thway Kyi Oo bar owner angry and body shocking the recover strength nothing more besides free, free! at, these make Mis.Thway Kyi Oo who reataurent owner more great experience to her life.


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" BIOGRAPHY" Name. Mg Than Lhaing and I was born in 05. June. 1964 ( ) street Monsanpya (19) Quarter Bago in Burma and my parent is the father U Khay and the mother Daw Ohon May ( die) and totally my family is 9 above me are 4 and the below are 2 who they are all recent at Bago and at the year of 1974 I got start the school till 1986 by 9 standards high school at No-1 High School Bago and I didn't go ahead the high school, I quit it and help my home work which 2 field farmerland and 1 farmland where Bago western and the wife is Miss Lay Kyi and I got marriage 1990 at Bago and we got 1 son who`name Mg Soe Lwin Myint and a dauther who`Ma May Thet Oo Maw and then in the year of 1994 she had passed away by cancer disease and in 1996 I make a detailed proposal for working abroad which Canada and recently I living at Vancouver city which the above address that 33. Avenue, 744 A Apt, Vancouver, BC and on the time where Vancouver city, while I worked at dayship Tandorra restuarent and while I went to ESL school night part time and I went ahead Vancouver School Board High school and after VSB high I attended on VSB college school where 39.1580 West Broadway street Vancouver city Bc, Canada and then I finished the school by Bachelor Of Art In English diploma since 2004 and present beside a membership of Myanmer Gazette Journal Co.Ltd and a membership of Facebook Fine Friend Association. Email: Kindly Truly yours

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