Actually I really do not want to post this article, sure. But as you all know the whole Burma has being overwhelmed by the playing
that kind of lottery for long years ago. One of the businessmen calculated that total amount of per week may be US $ 100,000.

You can imagine the cash flow of monthly, if you are interested in money management. Everyday about 12:00 and at 4.00 pm
the phone lines are mostly engaged in the whole country because of the two digits lottery. Nowadays the power that be and
their relatives also involved in this kind of game. They believed that it can make more profit than saving in bank.

Now what I mean is ; I do not want to encourage you to test it even one time but I realized that I was very late to give you this idea;
not to try.Because if you live in Burma recently you may be already involved . Anyhow , is there any persons who wants to know
how to calculate two digits lottery ( Chae ) ? I am ready to explain you , just leave the comments.

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