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An elephant Giving Birth


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she was pregnant for 2 years?! the hell! thats long! :O

Real Elephant Birth In the Wild


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omg that waz on ur first day!! i cnt belive it!! u guys r like the luckiest people!!! if i were u i would treasur this day my whole life!!

YouTube – Elephant Birth


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  • The caring as well as concern of the mother were so vividly displayed: as her little son tried to get up, got tired after a while and simply stopped trying, she’d lower herself to his level, to sooth him, tried kicking away some of the slippery after birth, & doing it many many times within these few contininuous minutes… it’s just incredible to witness this kind of deep love, concern, and nurturing a mother elephant has for her newborn, exactly like a new human mother has with her newborn…

  • @HenryDavidT Thank you for your beautifully written comment.

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