Inspired by emails from a few years ago.

These sayings come to mind. English saying: “Too many cooks spoil the broth(soup).” Burmese saying: “Saya mhyar thar thay (Too many bosses/instructors cause infant’s death.”

The “forest of wires” point to a jungle of authorities and chaos. Compare this situation to Singapore or Hong Kong. Their streets are clean and orderly.

I would say that even Burma doesn’t have this mess – a cobweb of wires.

this is india. it’s where you call when you have a technical problem with your computer at Ask CureZone Community


This is India. You know, it’s where you call when you have a technical problem with your computer « The Tizona Group


I had these photos confirmed by an Indian co-worker today, he says he’s actually seen worse.

Not a hoax, though if you’re outsourcing SW development to third world countries and getting back code that reminds you of these photos you might wish it was…

This might be some remote place in India, but after looking at this you look at positive side if someone can manage such a complex system like this, what kind of genius they may be.

Do you have guts to manage such a complex system?

We do and we are best….we are Indian’s that is why we are hired everywhere

what a mess!You’re hired because you’re cheap and willing to cut corners to get tasks done quickly, as these photos attest. You meet deadlines alright, and, yes, the resulting software does look like this!

This is India, this is where you call when you have a technical problem


Looks about right.

When I was working in Hyderabad, the minibus we sometimes took to the office had a drivers mate – one of his main roles was to use a broom handle to lift cables out of the way of the bus pastedGraphic.pdf

It gets really scary during monsoon season, when everything floods, and cables meet water…

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