There is a market which sell countries leaders around the world as a slave


In a shop, the top leaders and their price are shown for customer.

Gorge W.Bush(USA president) (US$ 1000)

Bladima Putin(Russia president) (US$ 10000)

Tony Blare(UK prime minister) (US$ 100000)

Koiizumi(Japan prime minister) (US$ 1000000)

Than Shwe(Myanmar military general) (US$ 10000000).

And a customer come into the shop and wondering the shop keeper.

“Why does Myanmar military general Than Shwe hit the biggest price among

the world top leaders? USA president should get the biggest price. right?”,

the customer said.

The shop keeper replied , “No, you are wrong. You know, Than Shwe has a new

brain and it is still new”.

The customer said, “How do u know?”.

The shop keeper said , “Coz, He never used his brain”.

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