Short Sale Homeowner Benefits

  • Our Services are 100% Free- We will not charge you any money at any time.
  • We work directly with home owners to NEGOTIATE WITH YOUR LENDER on your behal so you do not have to.
  • We can make sure your LENDER STOPS CALLING and harassing you.
  • We work with an investment fund which will make an ALL CASH OFFER on your home, so that your lender will take the offer seriously and is more likely to approve it.
  • We will help you AVOID FORECLOSURE, which can damage your credit for up to SEVEN (7 ) YEARS.
  • We will pay for your CREDIT REPAIR & COUNSELING after the successful completion of your short sale.
  • We SPECIALIZE IN SHORT SALES and can answer all of your 1099-C and Tax Liability Questions.
  • There are several scnarios which FREE you from an 1099-C tax liability.
  • We pay for the gaps and shortages…Typically Short Sales fall apart because of unpaid property taxes, HOA dues, and/ or a shortage between ho much the 1st lender will pay and how much the 2nd lender….WE CAN PAY the difference because our investment fund buys your property with CASH.
  • PREDICTIBALE SYSTEM-we have a streamlined and efficient system that can only be developed through mitigating the unique caveats of hundrds of short sales and coordinating a structure that avoids short sale pitfalls.
  • NO RISK- Try us out for FREE and let us show you what we feel we are BEST at.

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I'm a licensed realtor and mortgage consultant from USA Realty and Loans. I have been living in S.F bay area for almost 20 years. I am assisting buying or selling real estate, mortgage loan ( FHA, VA, conforming loan ), credit repair for bad credit and consulting for debt settlement.