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The Dai peoples (Tai Lü: ᦺᦑᦟ; [d̥ai˥˩], Tai Nüa: ᥖᥭᥰ; [d̥ai˥], Chinese: ; pinyin: Dǎizú) is one of several ethnic groups living in the Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture and the Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture (both in southern Yunnan, China), but by extension can apply to groups in Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, and Burma when Dai is used to mean specifically Tai Lue, Chinese Shan or even Tai in general. For other names, see table below.

Lady Drummers and Koyin’s/monk novices carrying “parabaiks”* marching in the Water Throwing Festival!

* Dried palm leaves with Buddhist scriptures on them! Never imagined these in other places.

Travelogue – Dai 1/3

YouTube – Travelogue – Dai 1/3

” Water festival has a religious origin. Those who practice Theravada Buddhism have this festival. It’s not who’s copying from whom. It’s like all Christians celebrate Christmas.

The Thai are from the Dai.

Wash away the old and splash in the new with the Dai people of Yunnan. Load your water guns because water-splashing festival is here!

Variety of landscape and diversity of people. Welcome to Travelogue’s Ethnic Minority Series! Today, we’re in Xishuangbanna, which is the home of the Dai people in Yunnan. It happens to be a very special day, the Dai New Year, otherwise known as Water Splashing Festival. You know, you’re about to get wet. So come with me on this first episode, just the beginning. This means war! (water splashing).

The annual Water-Splashing Festival is the most important holiday for the Dai people. It’s celebrated on New Year’s Day according to the Dais’ own calendar – typically in the middle of April.

The Dai people see water as symbolic of goodness, purity, and holiness. There’s nothing like washing away the old, and bringing in the New Year with a refreshed, cleaner you. Right.

I have the ultimate shield now, which is going to keep me from getting wet. This is how I’m spending the rest of my day.

Lucky for me, it’s believed the wetter you get, the luckier you will be in the upcoming year. Along the roadsides, young and old armed with water guns and buckets drench each other in blessings.

It was definitely my most unforgettable New Year’s blessing.

The Dai ethnic minority reside in the southern part of Yunnan Province, mainly in the Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture.

Xishuangbanna in the Dai language means “twelve administrative areas.” Here, the Dai are the most populous ethnic group.

Xishuangbanna is rich in natural resources and culture, largely thanks to the Lancang River, which flows through the area. This water source is thought of as the heart and soul of the local people.

Essential to Dai culture is Buddhism. There are many temples dotting the countryside and it’s common to see people in them, chanting the scriptures and celebrating the religious holidays – like Water-splashing festival.

An important part of Water Splashing Festival is the parade. It’s held in the city of Jinhong, and it reflects the importance of Dai culture, as all these lovely Dai ladies walk along this street and the float is following behind us. Although today it seems a bit rainy, people are still excited and ready for the water splashing.

Now if you’re not a fan of getting soaked, attending the parade is a good option. I arrived just in time to see the beautiful ladies on the floats. Hi! Young and old come to strut their stuff, or simply spread good wishes for the New Year.

Locals and visitors from all over the world gather to take part in the festivities. What a colorful display of Dai traditional dances, instruments, and costumes.

The traditional Dai clothes are mostly made of home-spun cloth with intricate and beautiful patterns. The women’s attire is typically tight and compliments the figures of the Dai ladies, who mostly wrap their long hair in a bun, and are well-known for their soft beauty.

Dressed brightly and colorfully, the people are definitely the highlight of the show….

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