YouTube – Shanghai’s $50 Billion World Expo

CBS | May 01, 2010

Already one of Asia’s fastest growing cities, Shanghai this summer hosts the World Expo, showcasing design ideas for the cities of the future. Terry McCarthy reports

YouTube – Shanghai opens World Expo with lavish show

AlJazeeraEnglish | April 30, 2010

Fireworks illuminated the Shanghai skyline in a blaze of colour as China kicked off the six-month World Expo on Friday with a lavish star-studded opening gala attended by a host of world leaders.

From the United States to North Korea, a total of 189 countries will take part in the event of ideas, culture and technology expected to attract at least 70 million visitors – the vast majority of them Chinese.

It is the first time a developing country has been chosen to host the event, and the city has undergone a massive face-lift at a cost of $45 billion in preparation for the Expo.

Al Jazeera’s Divya Gopalan reports.

YouTube – Shanghai World Expo 2010

DiscoverChinaNow | February 12, 2010

China National Tourism Administration – Shanghai World Expo 2010

Shanghai China best destination of all after travel around the world twice.  China the best destination that have everything from super Hi tech to the most ancient thing. Hotel, food and travel are cheap and the people are friendly. The country is safe to move around, I never heard of robber or snatch thieve in Shanghai. No tourist got bully by local tugs like many other country I have experience. I love Shanghai, I plan to go again and stay for a few month.

YouTube – China – Shanghai EXPO 2010 Opening 1 of 2 – BBC World News

YouTube – China – Shanghai EXPO 2010 Opening 2 of 2 – BBC World News

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