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The Hindu : Front Page : Breaking records, Shanghai Expo closes doors

BEIJING: The Shanghai Expo, the biggest world’s fair in history, closed its doors on Sunday after breaking a number of records during its six month-long opening. The Expo, on which the Shanghai government spent an estimated $ 45 billion, dwarfing what Beijing spent on the Olympics, has been the most expensive and well-attended in the 159-year history of the world’s fair.

As of Sunday evening, the event had received more than 73 million visitors, breaking the record set by Osaka, Japan, in 1970, which received 64 million visitors…..

Shanghai’s World Expo, a World’s Fair, Takes Shape –

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YouTube – Official trailer for Shanghai World Expo

AFP | April 27, 2010

Official trailer for Shanghai’s World Expo, due to open on May 1st. The main attractions are country pavilions where governments promote their values, culture and achievements. Duration: 02:19

YouTube – AFP’s Channel

MALAYSIA’S thestaronline | May 23, 2010

The China Pavilion is the star attraction of the World Expo. The animated rendition of the famous painting Riverside Scene during the Qingming Festival shines among other exhibits at the pavilion. Chow How Ban reports from Shanghai.

YouTube – Shanghai World Expo wows the crowds

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