RNDP wins in 5 townships including sittwe and min Phyar, Pazundaung, (1) Quarter, poll-station no.5, pyi thu hlut taw, NDF – 143, USDP – 73, other – 33, ah-myo-thar hlut taw, NDF 149, USDP 57, other 30, U Soe Win (NDF) wins Sanchaung Pyi Thu Hluttaw, South Okapalapa: Daw Kan Khant Dane (NDF) won over U Aung Thein Lin with 197/183 at one poll-station, U Aung Thein Lin won over Daw Kan Khant Dane (NDF) with 199/212 at another one, kan kam dane wins in one polling station but Aung Thein Linn wins in one polling station we are excitingly waiting. U Khin Maung Win of Lanmadaw House Wins. Dr. Myat Nyana Soe (NDF) won in Yangon Senate – No.4, NDF candidate U Khin Maung Win has won at Pyi-thu-hlut taw in Lan-ma-daw poll-station 2, Dagon Polling station 1 NDF wins more than 400 Votes.

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