YouTube – Myanmar refugees in Thailand see no hope

Millions of people who have fled Myanmar’s military rule are now living just across the border in Thailand.

They will not be among those voting in Sunday’s election. They say there is little hope for change in their home country.

Al Jazeera’s Marga Ortigas reports from the border town of Mae Sot. (Nov 06, 2010)

YouTube – Refugees returning to Myanmar

Refugees, who fled clashes along Myanmar’s border with Thailand following Sunday’s general elections, have been slowly returning home.

Fighting between Myanmar government troops and ethnic Karen fighters had sent at least 20,000 people fleeing into neighbouring Thailand.

The refugees, who were forced to flee to the Thai border town of Mae Sot, have now started heading back to Myanmar after the government said on Tuesday that the battles had ceased.

Marga Ortigas reports from Mae Sot. (Nov 09, 2010)

YouTube – A funny way to look at Myanmar’s poll

Myanmar is set to launch its first general elections in two decades on Sunday, which the ruling military junta says will help transform the autocracy into a democracy.

But many in the country are skeptical that the vote will be conducted in a fair manner and have called for a poll boycott. They say the election is a veneering attempt to make the government appear legitimate.

Candidates of major contesting political parties have raised fresh complaints accusing the junta of threatening and intimidating voters in the run-up to the election.

Al Jazeera’s special correspondent reports from Yangon, Myanmar, on how daring political satire in the country reflects a pervading sense of doubt that the poll will bring any change.


YouTube – myanmar refugees begin heading home – no comment

Thousands of refugees returned to Myanmar from Thailand after being told the situation had normalised in their homeland….
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YouTube – Fleeing Myanmar – no comment

Thousands of people from Myanmar fled the country after clashes broke between Myanmar minority and soldiers after the elections. They crossed the border taking refuge in Thailand….
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YouTube – Myanmar Refugees Start Heading Home

Myanmar refugees have been heading home from Thailand as post-election violence appeared to subside. Thai officials Tuesday were urging some 20,000 to cross back over the border. (Nov. 9)


YouTube – Myanmar refugees return home

Myanmar refugees are on their way home from Thailand, as the Burmese army says violence has settled between the military and ethnic rebels in the border region.


YouTube – myanmar refugees begin heading home – تعديل.flv


YouTube – Refugees flee Myanmar vote unrest

About 20,000 people have fled Myanmar to seek refuge in neighbouring Thailand after clashes between government troops and ethnic Karen fighters along the border that were sparked by Sunday’s controversial general elections.

The fighting in Myanmar came amid widespread suspicions that the country’s first vote in 20 years would be rigged by it’s military-backed government, which some ethnic groups accuse of mistreatment.

Thai authorities have been providing aid and shelter to help ease what they have described as the “worst refugee crisis in years”.

Marga Ortigas reports from Mae Sot in Thailand. [Nov 9, 2010]


YouTube – Rebels Clash With Myanmar Troops After Election

Clashes between rebels and Myanmar government forces erupted along the Thai border following Sunday’s election. Thousands of refugees escaped to Thailand. (Nov. 8)


YouTube – Myanmar rebel forces unite against government

Two main ethnic Karen rebel groups that were once rivals along Myanmar’s border with Thailand have joined forces to defend themselves against Myanmar’s army.

The union of the Democratic Karen Buddhist and Karen National Liberation militias comes following clashes between them and troops that broke out earlier in the week after they resisted government efforts to recruit them to be a part of a border guard force.

The groups are confident that the newfound solidarity will strengthen them against military forces, who they say are planning on launching an all out offensive on them soon.

Aela Callan reports from the Thai-Myanmar border, where she met Karen rebel leaders.

[November 12, 2010]

YouTube – Thailand tightens security at border with Myanmar

Thailand has beefed up border security ahead of Myanmar’s general election on Sunday, the first in 20 years.

There is fear of possible attacks from the border area where some 200,000 Myanmar exiles now live.

But the Thai government, already faced with two million illegal Myanmar residents in the country, is afraid that more might flee after the polls.

Al Jazeera’s Marga Ortigas reports from the border town of Mae Sot. (Nov 05, 2010)

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