YouTube – [rediscover_china] Qinghai-Tibet Railway 2/3 青藏铁路纪实

great show

YouTube – V. The Sky Train to Lhasa: For a higher journey

The Haier Brothers waste no time to make their idea a reality. They cross China on the highest train in the world to reach Lhasa, Tibet. Their ultimate aim is Mt. Everest.

thanks, guys. I am looking forward to get back China to take the train by my own.

pretty smart. good for you guys

very cool narration

YouTube – Lhasa railway station

YouTube – Sky Road

The highest railway in the world – Tibet Railway…

the title of this song means “heavenly road” and it is a good song…

This is my favorite version of the song. Great sound quality! Thanks for sharing~

makes my cry..but thank om..its happening for the people …thank you for singing about it…means so much..x



On the high mountain i stand at dusk

Seeing a railway run to my home

Like a great dragon crossing mountains

Bringing fortune and health to the plateau

It’s a wonderful road to heaven

Carryng us to the heaven on earth

Barley wine and buttered tea taste sweeter

Happy songs spread near and far

Happy songs spread near and far….

On the green Pasture I stand at dawn

An eagle in the morning sunlight

Flies like a lucky cloud in the blue sky

Bring good fortune to tibet’s people

It’s a wonderful road to heaven

Bringing warmth of motherland to the frontier

Cutting the distance between mountains

People of all nationalities come together

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