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We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
We are glad to inform you that 2010 SCBA 2nd Tennis Tournament has finished.
The following people are the winners of the 2010 SCBA 2nd Tennis Tournament event .
Level “A” Winner: Gordon Paitimusa  and Eric Lu
Level “A” Finialist: Sophine  & Paul

Level “B” Winner: Mg Kyi and Kawn Mai
Level “B” Finialist: Calvin Ho and Kevin

Level “A” Consolation Winner: Benson Kim  and Mattlew Lin
Level “B” Consolation Winner: Steven  Goh and U Kyaw Myint.

Level “B” Consolation Finialist: Sein Tin and Ne Myo
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Upcoming Sports events: 2011 LA Thingyan Title
March 13 Table Tennis
March 20 Tennis
March 27 Golf
April 3 Badminton ******
( We will give more updates regarding the dates in case any dates change )
Awarding Ceremony will be held during the Burmese New Year LA Thingyan..
Annually there will be 2 tournaments per sport.
We invite any out of state/country participants from Burma to join in each sporting event.
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Video by Sam Tong
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Organization Committee
Southern California Burmese Association

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