Holiday boat parades will be flooding the Southern California coast –,0,5771782.story

Holiday boat parades will be flooding the Southern California coast

Sites include Santa Barbara, Dana Point, Marina del Rey and Newport Beach.

Boat owner Peter Ellis is on a top secret mission under cover of darkness as he prepares his 34-foot yacht for this weekend’s annual Marina Del Rey Holiday Boat Parade. “We want the impact on the night, so we don’t want anyone to know what we are up to,” he says.

Ellis is one of hundreds of SoCal boat owners who have spent weeks hanging lights and decorations on their boats in preparation for the annual parades that ply the waterways from Santa Barbara to Dana Point. From multi-million-dollar yachts transformed into moving fantasies of light to enthusiastic kayakers with a Christmas tree and a bullhorn, boat parades are a beloved Californian tradition.

Christmas Boat Parade

Huntington Beach, Calif.–While the Huntington Beach Christmas Boat Parade is not Huntington Harbour’s main Cruise of Lights event, it is sheer fun for those in a craft who can get close and watch the action.  The boat parade is one of many boat parades and California Christmas events.

pictures inside

Huntington Harbour Boat Parade Photos

YouTube – 15505 Christmas Boat Parade, Huntington Harbor, Ca. 2009 , Music, SubWoofer Sound

YouTube – 15351 Christmas Boat Parade, Huntington Harbour, Ca. 2006, Music, SubWoofer Sound

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