One fine Monday morning, Jack woke up at six o’clock. When he looked at the calendar, he gasped,” Oh no! Valentine’s Day coming next week on Tuesday! What am I going to do? ” Then he thought it will better to discuss it with his friends. After looking at the calendar, he got out of bed and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face. Soon he was dressed in his uniform. Then Mrs. Andersen, his mother called him that breakfast was ready. So Jack went downstairs to have his breakfast. After eating he checked his school bag. Then he was all ready. He went to the bus-stop and waited. A minute later or so the bus arrived. Jack found Alex, his best friend, on the bus. They talked about how they were going to ruin Valentine’s Day. Suddenly, Alex got an idea. He told it to Jack,” When my father said that when he was young, and Valentine’s Day was coming, he went to his own secretive lab which he always held meetings. And all his friends got different ideas. He chose Benny’s as his one was the best. Isn’t that a brilliant idea? ” ” Yes! ” Exclaimed Jack. Just at that moment, the bus came to a bus-stop which is near their school. Jack and Alex got out of the bus and headed towards their school. Jack looked at his watch; it was six fifteen in the morning. Their school got no lockers to put their books, pencil case and bags in it except the gym locker room for their PE lessons. The first subject was Mother Tongue. Jack and Alex weren’t in the same Mother Tongue class, so they decided to meet together at recess, although they were in the same class in English, Math, Science and PE. After Mother Tongue was Science. Then it was recess. They went to a quiet place where they wouldn’t be disturbed. Alex said,” Maybe we could build ourselves a secretive lab shouldn’t we, Jack?” ” I don’t know. Maybe, if only we ask your parents for permission.” said Jack nervously. ” If we could, where shall we build it?” wondered Alex. ”Do you have any places for the lab?” asked Jack. ” I don’t think so…” said

(will be continued)

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