Alex said,” Maybe we could build ourselves a secretive lab shouldn’t we, Jack?” ” I don’t know. Maybe, if only we ask your parents for permission.” said Jack nervously. ” If we could, where shall we build it?” wondered Alex. ”Do you have any places for thelab?” asked Jack. ” I don’t think so…” said Alex sadly. ”Let’s ask your father after school.” suggested Jack. ” OK.” replied Alex.

So Jack went to Alex’s house. Before he went there, he phoned his mother and told her that he was going to visit Alex. At Alex’s house they asked Mr. Benson, Alex’s father, if they could build up a lab. Mr. Benson thought for a moment and agreed. He said,” We’ll build a lab in the basement floor. Now get the tools and wait for me at the basement floor while your mother went to fetch your sister. ” Jack and Alex cheered. They quickly get the tools out of a kitchen and waited for Mr. Benson at the basement floor. They started building.

They hadn’t finished the lab when Mrs. Benson came back with Lily, Alex’s sister. What a surprise Mrs. Benson got when she found Alex and Mr. Benson looking dirty! She shouted,” Sammy! (Mr. Benson’s name) Alex! You’re all dirty! Now this is the second time you did this! Now go to the bathroom straight away before I’ll scold all of you!” With that, she put on an apron and pushed Mr. Benson and Alex upstairs and into the bathroom. ” Uh… Mum…”Alex started to say. ” None of your excuses,” said Mrs. Benson.

After that incident had happened, Jack went home. He made it just in time for dinner. Then he did his homework with Liming, his brother. An hour later, Jack went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He got into his pajamas. Before he went to sleep, he looked at the clock. It was nine o’clock, his usual bed time.

” Ring…” went the alarm clock. Jack woke up feeling rather strange. He had just dreamt that a hairy, ugly monster was gobbling him all up. Before the lessons started, there was an announcement, ”Attention, please. Now for this whole week we have arranged the things that will be done in the lessons. In English we will be preparing for the ball. In PE you will learn how to dance with your partner. On Monday at 1 p.m. you will go to the notice board which is in your classrooms and see who you will dance with.”

After that there was a chatting noise. During the English period there was a new student in Jack’s class. Her name was Isabella. She had long dark hair which was plaited up. Many boys were attracted by her beauty. But Isabella only got her eyes on Jack. She used to sit beside Jack. Jack was really embarrassed.

At recess Jack and Alex went to a quiet place where they wouldn’t be interrupted.

Jack said,” Alex, we also needed some of our friends to help us.”

” Of course we do,” replied Alex. ” I was going to say those words as well.”

Jack glanced at his watch. It was 11. 10 a.m. He then told Alex that they got twenty minutes left for recess. They get out of the hiding place and started. Their friends are Ben, Fred and Jim. First they found Fred in the school garden, observing the water lilies. Alex and Jack asked,” Are you going to come to our meeting?” ” What meeting?” said Fred as if he didn’t know. ”We’ll explain about it later.” Alex said. Then the three boys went off to find their other friends.

They found Ben at the toilet washing his hands. They asked him the same question. He agreed. Then they found Jim talking to Mr. Jacob, his PE teacher. They approached Mr. Jacob and Jim. ” Excuse me, Mr. Jacob,” said Jim. He agreed to join the boy’s meeting. At that very moment, the bell rang.

Alex, Jack, Fred, Ben and Jim all went back to their class. Miss Lim, Jack’s English teacher, began her lesson. ” For today’s lesson, you will be making Valentine’s Day cards and sent it to someone you love.” Jack didn’t know whom to send it to. Except the boys who were attracted by Isabella. After school they all went to Alex’s house. Fred got the tools and they started off. Mrs. Benson took fifteen minutes to fetch Lily from school.

This time Mr. Benson, Alex, Jim, Fred, Jack and Ben weren’t dirty. So Mrs. Benson wasn’t angry. Then they waved good-bye to each other. On Wednesday morning they all met together at a long corridor. They all asked Alex what his mother will be doing after school.

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