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2010: The Year in Pictures

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  1. Posted On: 9:57 p.m. | December 10, 2010

There were many poignant moments in 2010.

The year started with the devastating earthquake in Haiti, followed by a massive oil spill that would leave the Gulf Coast in environmental disarray, a continuing war and much more. Locally, life in pictures was event-packed as well. We had the Lakers doing what they do best, again; upheaval in the tiny city of Bell, and homelessness that still plagues our city. The Winter Olympics came and went, and day in and day out we covered celebrities, restaurants and daily life. We covered the year with pictures. We consistently tried to bring you something surprising. Looking back, it’s amazing how much happens in 365 days.

See you in 2011. I’m looking forward to what happens next.

***This is where I get really gushy and personal: I work with some of the most talented people around. Every day, they get up, not knowing what to expect. They go from one moment to another almost seamlessly and always professionally. They take quiet or boring scenarios and make something that delights. They take tragedy and bring it to you, so that we may be informed and aware. They document life from many aspects, angles, perspectives–creatively and quickly.

Thank you for the inspiration.

95 pictures

YouTube – 2011 NEW YEARS WALTZ: Johann Strauss – Wienna Waltz – HAPPY NEW YEAR


This is so beautiful…what a grand job you did on this video….

Faved and 5 *****

Absolutelly FANTASTIC!! I loved 1:54 and even more 2:24 couple waltzing……LOVE IT !!! Got my heart ♥♪. You can do amazing effects……… and trully make the viewer Feel the Love …. I’m so proud of You !!

This is so beautiful…what a grand job you did on this video….

Faved and 5 *****

beautiful video, thank you

Merry Christmas!

YouTube – [ 2011 ] ZaaZaa Wish You A Happy New Year And Now Leave Me Alone UnTil Next Year Comes ( HQ )


YouTube – 2011 Happy New Year



YouTube – The New Year Birdies!



YouTube – Auld Lang Syne – “Happy New Year” :)



YouTube – Auld Lang Syne



YouTube – Happy New Year 2011 with Music from Abba



Photos of the Year 2010 – the Wall Street Journal


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