• Tun Yee, Shan Orphans Video Project
    Tun Yee, Shan Orphans Video Project
    Proposal for video project grant
    By Antonio Graceffo
    Video Title: From Orphan to Soldier, Monk to Aid Worker
    This is part of my grant proposal for a video I would like to do about the story of a Shan orphan, named Tun Yee.
    Tun Yee’s life was dictated by war, but instead of driving […]
  • The person who like candle don’t treat wrong
    10feb11 PDF – _440_ the Person Who Like Candle Don’t Treat Wrong
    Ko Ko Aung
  • President of Burma.
    Dear All,
    This is president of Burma.

    Mr Creator

  • The Poverty of Dictatorship
    – Dani Rodrik
    Dani Rodrik is Professor of Political Economy at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and the author of One Economics, Many Recipes: Globalization, Institutions, and Economic Growth.
    CAMBRIDGE – Perhaps the most striking finding in the United Nations’ recent 20th anniversary Human Development Report is the outstanding performance of the Muslim countries […]
  • The Egyptian Endgame
    – Robert L. Tignor
    Robert L. Tignor is Professor of History at Princeton University. His latest book is Egypt: A History.
    PRINCETON – Can Egypt’s long history help us to understand the uprising, already labeled a revolution, now underway in Cairo, and how it might turn out? I believe so. After all, the demonstrations by […]

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