YouTube – Contortion Training

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every position makes it seem like her legs and her upper body seem separate! like totally different bodies!


YouTube – contortion China

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I love these videos: my daughter has the same stretches done to her, and guess what??She enjoys it! The kids here dont seem to mind too much either. There is a lot of ignorance out there about contortion, and a lot of rubbish talked by people who know nothing.

YouTube – chinese contortion act


never seen anything like it amazing

She doesn’t even look human in the way she can move…I LOVE this woman!

her name is: Liu Si Yu, the world’s best Contortionist

Oh yes it deff looks like liu si yu the best she is so graceful and beautiful wish I could meet her just to ask her how long she trained and if she would train me


YouTube – Beautiful Chinese Lady Contortionist [Acrobatic Performance]


A very beautiful female contortionist from an acrobatic troupe from China performing in Kinta City, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. Her contortion was awesome.

She looks like Hong Kong actress, Gigi Lai (Gem of Life).

Event held in conjunction with Chinese New Year 2009.



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