Last year ,on sunny day of June,I was ashamed of an event that I encountered at Mahamuni Pagoda,the most famous pagoda in Upper Myanmar.After paying homage to Buddha ,I saw  a 35 year old  woman , a tourist,was looking at the posture of our Mahamuni Buddha Image  for a few minutes . She looked puzzle for something  and i saw some questions  in her eyes .She noticed  me and smiled me. At that time,I was interested  in her and asked her what she wanted to know about the Buddha statue.We talked for a while.

But ,suddenly,she asked me a question ,”Why the postures  and gestures of Buddha statues in Myanmar are different from other countries she has visited? Can you explain me?’ ‘I was speechless at that time.I don’t know all the meanings of the different postures and gestures of Buddha Images in Myanmar.So I was silent and feel ashamed of my lack of knowledge in Mudras.She was unsatisfied of my response.I feel repent and embarrassed.If I had learnt about it before,I would have explained her clearly.Although I am a real Buddhist,I can’t be able to explain her  clearly about our Great Buddha’s hand gestures,the Mudras and his different postures .

From my point of view,we,Buddhists,should  know about the fundamendal points in Buddhism and the history of Buddha and what he had done for all human beings.And we need to learn to know the meanings of the Buddhist symbols and hand gestures ,Mudras of Buddha Images in Myanmar.From that day,I read books,articles from internet  and learn about Mudras from all sources as much as I can.The more I learnt about Mudras ,the more  interesting points I found  in it.

A lot of interesting points I came to know about our Great Buddha’s Mudras.

So  Wonderful! So Amazing !

How meaningful our GREAT BUDDHA’S Mudras are!

If you have something new to share about Buddha’s Mudras,please share me.I am always eager to know more.




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