YouTube – Pearl Win Thingyan Song 2011

YouTube – Nay Ye Man Thingyan 2011 DVDs and VCDs Promotion Event

YouTube – Myanmar 2011 New Year Night Welcome Concert: Sounds of Jungle


YouTube – Pegu Thingyan (April 14, 2011)

Burmese people celebrate their Thingyan (New Year) festival in April every year. Here is the some video clip from Pegu, 50 miles away from former capital, Rangoon. In thingyan festival, people throwing water each others in daytime, and the performances start evening through night time. You can easily see several stages in towns. In the performance shows, while singers sing traditional and comtemporary songs and dancers mostly perform the traditional dances, Thingyan Yein.

YouTube – thingyan 2011

YouTube – Yu Zarna Myanmar Thingyan Song

YouTube – Thingyan Song

YouTube – Best Myanmar Thingyan Song[((:New Year! Peace:))]


Myanmar/Burma & Thailand Had The Same New Year,(Water festival) %)
New Year Become Closer! : )/ Be Happy, Thanks For This Year For Now! ^^




YouTube – 2011 Myanmar New Year Water Festival 1



YouTube – 2011 Myanmar New Year Water Festival 2




YouTube – Burmese Celebrate New Year and Water Festival


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