YouTube – Wandering Around Hong Kong: Buddha’s Birthday

Ok this video does kinda have a story/plot this time.

The whole video shows the events and the journey to the 10,000 Buddha’s monastery in Pai Tai Village, Sha Tin, to pray and do what ever since its Buddha’s Birthday. It was basically a public holiday and my mom invited me to go and visit the Monastery/Temple with my grandparents. so i brought my camera and just filmed the whole day there.

All footage’s were filmed in Pai Tai Village, Sha Tin, New Territories.


YouTube – “Happy Birthday, Buddha–Bun Festival” Jkirby’s photos around Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

“Happy Birthday, Buddha. Today is Buddha’s birthday, and, so, it’s a public holiday in Hong Kong. To celebrate, like most everyone else, I headed to Cheung Chau, an island outside the city of Hong Kong within the Hong Kong administrative zone.

What Buddha wants for his birthday are hot, white, steamy buns filled with paste, stamped with red script, a parade of kids on sticks, and a showcase of camera technology. Well, he got it. And, thanks to the hospitable people of the usually sleepy and idyllic pedestrian-only island community of Cheung Chau, he gets it. Every year.

YouTube – Buddha’s Birthday – Cheung Chau – Hong Kong Island

Buddha’s Birthday – Cheung Chau – Hong Kong Island





HongKong 2009

YouTube – 2009 Buddha’s Birthday Parade

2009 Buddha’s Birthday Parade, co-hosted by The Hong Kong Mantra School for Lay Buddhists & The Hong Kong Mantra Institute for Lay Women Buddhists

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