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My Notes (19) (In English version – Translated by Lin Htet Oo)
by May Aye Oo on Thursday, May 26, 2011 at 8:57am

I would like to share how my g-mail account was hacked and how hard I have to try to get it back. My g-mail was hacked on 15th May 2011. I got an email on 13th and when I looked at the sender, it was from

“; on behalf of; Gmail Team []”,

asking me

“Is your Gmail Account Active. Yes/No.”

I was so careless to not notice the sender was a fake. It seems the address is “” and it looks like she’s one of Gmail Team. I truly thought that is real and I answered her questions, how careless of me. Actually, I is so obvious to know that the address was a fake one because there’s no such thing as “; on behalf of; Gmail Team”, is there?

My account was hacked on 15th at about afternoon 3 and my password has been changed. At the same time, my Facebook Account was hacked and my password has been changed too.

I can’t login to both my Gmail and Facebook accounts on 16th when I get to my office. I tried so many times with “forget your password?” service from both sites. But I couldn’t go more steps. (Because every single things which I tried was sent to the hacker by his new setting)

Finally, I had to give up trying and the situation forced me to create new accounts on both sites. And thought I won’t try to get my old accounts back.

But my lovely sister, Ms. (———) didn’t give up when I did. She sent me an email with full instructions of how to try getting my old hacked accounts back. Sadly, I had to reply “Dear sis, I’m under tons of work and I don’t think I have a chance to look at those steps and do all the things your email says, I’m so sorry but I have no other option than to use new accounts”. My lovely sister didn’t give up till I replied like that to her, she said “Dear Sis, it is OK to use your new account and also try for your old account at the same time, isn’t it? What could hurt? I just regret to lose your email account as it has so many important and precious infos and notes and everything. So, please try to get it back, for you, for me and for all of your donors.” This time, she only sent me the link to recover my lost Gmail account. Maybe I mentioned that I have no time to do so many readings and steps so complicatedly. I clicked the link and answered all the questions Gmail Team asks. I can answer every single one of them as I still have everything recorded when I first create my Gmail account.

The link my sister sent me is

It was 19th when I answered all the questions to recover my lost account. Gmail Team said that they need 24hrs to process my request and will respond as soon as possible. I was waiting and waiting and waiting for 4 days. Today is the 4th day already and I thought

“hhmmmm, I don’t even hear a single whisper from them. Maybe my Gmail account is history.”

24th May, what a surprise! I saw an email sent from Gmail Team in my inbox this morning. It has another link and when I went there, it asked me to give it a new password. I was afraid that I might make a mistake when filling the form; I asked one of the staffs from our IT department. Finally, I got my Gmail back right after I finish filling up the form and submit it to Gmail Team. But one thing we missed is the Mail Settings that the hacker changed. I urgently try to get in my Facebook account as I’m able to use my Gmail account back. During we’re trying to get into Facebook account, I got an alert on my computer screen saying,

“Your account was recently accessed from a location we’re not familiar with. Please review the activity details below:

Near Aol, AOL, US Location estimated based on IP= (May 15 at 3:33pm) from Firefox for Win7.”

It shocked us with a great fear and I clicked “I don’t recognized” button with a lightning speed. Fortunately, I have everything recorded as a reference to share with my friends.

Facebook asked me to put extra security measures to make sure my account is safe. It asked me to add another 2 extra questions to answer along with my password every time I access my account.

After that we looked into Mail Settings and found that the hacker has auto forwarded every mails those come to my account to his/hers account. (I did like that previously, to my private mail address)

The address that the hacker auto forwarded is

I had to remove that address from auto forward service and I changed my password again to satisfy my doubts and worries. Because my IT friend told me that the hacker is trying to hack my account again during that time.

“I strongly advise you to put extra care to change your password here and after these days, just to make sure that your hard-earned-back-again account is safe and make it strong. You might want to note your password down each time you change.”

I have changed my password for Gmail 3 times already today. 2 times for Facebook account. I’m so happy to get those accounts back and I’ve decided to deactivate my new accounts when I think it’s safe to use the old ones.

I truly and really appreciate the spirit and the help from my lovely sister and my IT brother. Thank you very much for your precious and gracious help. I feel so graceful to have such friends within my circle.

I shared all of my records about the hacker and its jobs; and also how I did to get my accounts back. Considering there might be someone who is (or) was once fell victim under such theft.

I’m so happy to see my friends again after separated for 10 days. I’m worrying that “will that hacker trying to hack my account right now? Or someone else will try to hack my account again?” while typing this note.

May everyone free from thieveries……

With much love,


This is the message Facebook showed me on 16th. I can’t login to my account no matter how I try even with “forget your password”.
This is the message from Facebook on 24th, the day I got it back.
This is the message from Facebook on the same day I got it back telling me that my account is being login from another location while I’m using it.
This one is the possible location of the hacker who tried to access my account while I’m using on 24th. The message is from Facebook.
This is where I removed the auto forwarding mail address of the hacker.

facebook message 1

facebook message 2

facebook message 3

facebook message 4


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