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WUXI, Jiangsu, March 28 (Xinhua) — The Second World Buddhist Forum opened Saturday in the eastern Chinese city of Wuxi with more than 1,700 Buddhist monks and scholars from about 50 countries and regions putting their heads together to discuss how Buddhism can contribute to building a harmonious world.


Buddhism’s Holy Land with Lite-Puter

Ling Shan Brahma Palace



Area:70,000 square meters

Location: Wuxi City, China

Lighting designer and installation: Lite-Puter/ Roled

Opto Electronics Shanghai Co., Ltd

Equipment: Lite-Puter lighting control system

Lingshan Brahma Palace is the third-phase project of the

Lingshan Buddhism Resort that cost hundreds of millions

of dollars to build. As a multi-functional cultural building

for tourism, conferences, exhibitions, and cultural

experiences, Lingshan Brahma Palace has been built

beside a mountain in the integration of the Chinese

Buddhist rock-cave art and traditional Buddhist building


The Shrine in the Brahma palace is the main conference

site of the 2009 World Buddhism Forum which can

accommodate nearly 2,000 people for international

events. There is a huge revolving stage in Shrine, the

total area is 35,000 square meters and the dome is 30

meters in height. Light up 1500 lotus lamps atop the

building immediately, just like stay in the starry universe.

Timed giant musical history drama will be performed in

the Shrine every day, expressing legend experience of


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