Soothing and Beautiful song. “Marriage D’Amour” means Wedding in a Dream.


An armless pianist played this wonderful piece in China’s Got Talent competition.




YouTube – Armless Pianist Liu Wei (from Chinese talent show) ENGLISH SUBTITLES Piano Played by Feet ENGLISH SUBTITLES FROM China’s Got Talent – Chinese talent show, 【中国达人秀】 刘伟 .

Watch the inspiring story Liu Wei, a 23 years old armless young man in Beijing who plays MARIAGE D’AMOUR (by Richard Clayderman) with his feet.
He started learning piano in secrets when he was 19 years old. It is incredible, he wanted to learn piano with his feet and after hard work succeeded.
So, now it is your turn.
Find out How to Learn Piano the easy way:

Truly amazing and inspiring!




Compare it with the Expert Painist







YouTube – Richard Clayderman (Mariage d’amour)

this song is just so beautiful. soothing, and yet so powerful, love it!


YouTube – Marriage D’Amour (classical guitar)

This is a romantic song by Richard Clayderman, I played this on my classical guitar. He composed it on piano, but it still sounds good on guitar though.
The tab for “Marriage D’amour” (dream wedding) is available here:





Piano Sheet Music (6 pages)



YouTube – 楊霖 彈鋼琴 夢中的婚禮






YouTube – Mariage D’amour – Piano



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