Very Inspiring! Very pleasing music. Music is a universal language. Enjoy!


“chit sayar lay, nu nu nare nare, nge nge yway yway’/cute and at a tender young age/


YouTube – Mariage D’amour ( 夢中的婚禮 )

Uploaded by huayeh1 on Sep 3, 2009

5歲9個月/學鋼琴 1 年5個月

English: He is only 5 !!!!  I can`t believe. He plays beautifully.

Jimmy, that was beautiful!








YouTube – Marriage D’Amour 夢中的婚禮(理查克萊德門)

Uploaded by mmaggie7089 on Sep 12, 2008

6 years old

so cute and talented! since this was in 2008, i bet by now he’s amazing…

it’s amazing

wooooooow ♥

Sonnenschein2906 8 months ago 2 pastedGraphic.pdf

OMG ! So great !


banhxinh 9 months ago

i think every chinese piano playing kid had to learn how to play this song lol ! does any one have sheet music for this??

gingersnaps1105 1 year ago





YouTube – Mariage D’amour (夢中婚禮)

10 years old 的音樂仙子彈的





YouTube – Mariage D’amour (夢中的婚禮)-Miffy

Uploaded by winglai114 on May 29, 2008

This is “Marriage D’Amour”, have anyone can tell me who is composer.
In this song,may be I cannot play with a lot of feeling for my age,but I hope you will love it.
And thanks Miss Yip(my teacher).






YouTube – Betty on the Piano – Mariage D’amour by De Senneville

good..i like your version.. kinda similar with mine.. it’s better than the faster one without feeling..

you play it with feeling.. that’s why it’s beautifull





YouTube – Marriage D’Amour(夢中的婚禮) Piano by Anne Lin 林小然

Uploaded by jacklin0307 on Jun 6, 2010

Marriage D’Amour Anne Lin 林小然





YouTube – mariage d’amour

  1. Have you seen the Asian man with no arms play this? It’s amazing to put it in the simplest of words.JLo52993 9 months ago 73 pastedGraphic.pdf


  2. i love this song it it beutiful i wish someday i can play like this i just love the sound of the piano i really want one i love the sound of music it just calms me down and thats what makes so special



YouTube – Mariage D’amour


Where can i print mariage d’amour piano music sheet for free? – Yahoo! Answers

Best Answer – Chosen by Voters

EVERY song is there and its totally free to print.

You’re welcome ! =]


YouTube – Mariage D’amour 夢中的婚禮






YouTube – 夢中的婚禮 Mariage D’amour (鋼琴版 piano version)

its ok la! playing by ear is pretty hard lol i cant read sheets, so i play by ear :)

LokHinYip 7 months ago


YouTube – Richard Clayderman – Mariage d’amour (classic guitar cover)

well done! i never thought it could ever be played on classical guitar so beautifully



YouTube – 夢中婚禮





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