YouTube – Insane Hats worn at the Royal Wedding of William and Kate

Photographs of the strangest hats I have ever seen. Some are mild compared to others. It looked like a wedding for Lady Gaga at times. Over all, the wedding was breathtaking and the fashion was highly entertaining. Enjoy!

BTW I didn’t know what song to play so I put on Weezer. If only there was a good hat song out there. lol


Horses and Hats at Royal Ascot –

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YouTube – Hat heaven at Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot celebrates its 300th anniversary with men and women showing off their hats. . Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at



Royal wedding: Royal wedding hats –,0,4524711.photogallery

Pictures: Royal wedding hats

Sure, everyone is waiting to see what Kate Middleton will be wearing, but the hats at the royal wedding are turning heads as well.

28 pics

Crazy Royal Hats, Wedding Edition: Who Had Zanier Headgear Than Even Princess Beatrice?! – E! Online

YouTube – Royal Ascot-beautiful hats- music Fancy ”Pretty Woman”

Royal Ascot Ladies hats,music Fancy “Pretty Woman”

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YouTube – royal hats


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