The parabolic Asian cooking(dumpling) strainer is the perfect candidate for this project.

I was able to pick up 20 more access points in the city and connect to a network a few blocks away!

This is BY-FAR the most simple of all Wifi extensions!



This is the general Idea behind the parabolic dish.
– it should bounce all waves from the dish into the focalpoint (wifi thumbstick).


Cooking strainer

– Needs to be PARABOLIC
-The wooden handle on mine made it easy to work with.
-Cost $7.00  ( In MYANMAR  2000 kyats may be )
-Mesh should be similar “tightness” as pictured. (Don’t get the loose mesh)


b) USB Wireless Thumb Drive (g or b/g)

c) USB extension. — The longer the better.(but get as much as you need.)

-Using the snips and cup out a hole JUST big enough for the USB extension cord.
-Squeeze the tip of the USB cord through hole.
-Adjust everything so the thumbdrive is at the FOCAL POINT of the parabola (I just eyeballed it).
-Fasten the USB cord in to place.
Testing the Signal Strainer :

1) Find your favorite access point!
2) get as far away as possible! (While keeping line-of-sight)
3) Use software like NetStumbler to see the signal strength.
4) Adjust your Signal Strainer where necessary.

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Remark ——-Tt’s usually illegal. It’s like having your home with main door opened, it doesn’t mean anybody can go in. If they do (without invitation) they are commiting a crime. For wifi routers is exactly the same. “If they don’t want you in their wifi network then they would put a password on it.” is a poor argument. I can have my door opened but it doesn’t mean you can go in. There’s other point: people who uses other’s connection is people who don’t want pay for one in most of cases. But you should know they law in your country. In Qatar  it’s completely forbiden and illegal. There’s no open question.

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