A : Which shoes do you like ?
B : Show me that one , please.
We had lovely weather/ a lovely weather when we were on holiday.
Oh! You have many luggages, can I help you ?
ဘာမွားေနလဲ အလြယ္ေလးပါ။
How many gallons ____ a mile ?
တမုိင္ကုိ ဘယ္ႏွစ္ဂါလံ ကုန္မလဲလုိ႕ေမးတာ ကြက္လပ္ေလးေျဖ႕ႀကည္႕ပါ။
ီDo you like your job ? Yes, but it’s a hard work.
We are going to buy some new furniture.


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